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Homoeopathy For All - December 1999 issue


Letters: We welcome our readers to express their views
>> Page 7

The How and Why of Homoeopathy: An attempt to answer the innumerable queries on homoeopathy
>> Page 9

Focus: The bane of cervical spondylosis
>> Page 11

Women Disorders: Abnormal va***nal Discharge
>> Page 15

Case Study: Authentic case studies by Homoeopathic physicians
>> Page 17

Homoeopathy for children: The bed-wetting problem in chidren
>> Page 18

Interview: An exclusive interview with Dr. Jugal Kishore, one of the eminent homoeopaths of India
>> Page 21

Home Remedies: Ginger is one of the versatile herbs, with its varied medicinal and culinary uses
>> Page 23

Alternative Medicine: Aromatherapy is one of those rare forms of treatment that can improve your quality of life
>> Page 24

Institutions: Delhi prepares for New Millennium Homoeopathy
>> Page 27

Drug Review: A detailed yet simplified picture of an often used homoeopathic drug- Aconite napellus
>> Page 29

Homoeopathy for pets: The problem of arthritis in dogs with its homoeopathic treatment is discussed here
>> Page 33

Healthy Eating: A few important things to do when deciding for a healthy dining out
>> Page 36

Biochemic System: Calcarea flourica, a biochemic remedy especially indicated in tumours, enlargement of glands and hard swellings
>> Page 38

Book Review: Dermatology for Homoeopaths is a combined effort of Dr. Ramji Gupta and Dr. R.K. Manchanda. This book combines the details of common skin diseases along with possible homoeopathic medicines
>> Page 40

Famous Homoeopaths: Life history of Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homoeopathy
>> Page 42

Medical Astrology This month: The health of people born under the sun sign, Sagittarius
>> Page 46

Homoeopathic Crisscross and Guess the Right Remedy
>> Page 47

Laugh Your Way to Better Health
>> Page 50



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