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Homoeopathy For All - January 2002 issue


Correct nutrition is vitally important
The main aim of therapies such as homoeopathy is to emphasise the basic importance of each individual doing as much as possible to maintain his health. Homoeopathy aims at educating people on the importance of a healthy lifestyle which can arouse the self healing capacities of our bodies in case of any derangement. We have to realise that health care is much more about health promotion than just relief from the symptoms of a disease. We have to make everyone realise that the responsibility of person's health lies with himself and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and correct nutrition, one can easily take care of this responsibility.
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Eating out Sensibly
Everyone loves to go out to eat! Food has always been the centre of attention and a way to celebrate an occasion. Food is a requirement -healthy food is a neccesity. Goof food requires a lot of planning and consideration, especially when it is eaten outside the home.
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Here is a short symptom picture of the drug, Coffea cruda, a remedy made from coffee, the known antidote to many homoeopathic medicines.
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How Alcohol Works in the Body?
Temperate and occasional users of alcohol who are in normal health do not appear to suffer negative effects from use of alcohol. In moderate doses, alcohol has beneficial effects: relaxation, appetite stimulation, and creation of a mild sense of euphoria. Moderate alcohol consumption can also help protect against heart disease
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Quit Smoking
Smoking can be extremely hazardous to your life. Learn about the ways to quit smoking.
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Women and Homoeopathy: br**st cancer
br**st Cancer is the most common cancer in women. If detected early, br**st cancer is curable. Homoeopathy offers a wide range of effective medicines for the treatment of br**st tumours. If in early stages br**st cancer can be easily resolved with homoeopathic medicines. Here are listed a few medicines which have proved effective for the treatment of cancer.
>> Page 37

Geriatrics: Kidneys in the ageing
Kidney changes in the body with age can lead to various disorders-urine infection may become common and renal failure may also result. Proper management and precautionary steps are necessary to avoid falling into such a state.
>> Page 40

Modern Day Sanjeevani, K-Alginate Tea
One product treats various discorders and can in fact, help lengthen one’s lifespan.
>> Page 42

Arogya 2001, A Grand Success
Arogya 2001, jointly organised by the Department of Indian systems of medicine and Homoeopathy, Govt. of India and India Trade Promotion Organisation was a very professionally organised fair which attracted about one lakh visitors.
>> Page 43

Pets and Homoeopathy
Homoeopathy is of great benefit in enhancing the health and well being of animals especially our pets as they not only guard us but also give us companionship. Considering the above fact Baksons has stepped into the field of veterinary homoeopathic medicine and is now the leaders in the field in India.
>> Page 46

Book Review
‘Human energy and homoeo energy’ is a book that demonstrates about how the ionic energy derived by disitegration and potentisation of food through the digestive process is transferred to the energy system in the body to carry out various functions in the body with the help of biomagnetc field and the ionic energy obtained through potentisation of medicinal substances to tone up the defective electrical energy system, to improve the function in the affected elements of the body.
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Back Page
Herbal and homoeopathic therapies require the additional support of proper diet (inclusive of certain restrictions depending on the case) for effective management of the case, says Dr. P.N. Varma
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