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Homoeopathy For All - February 2003 issue


Homoeopathy for Fungal Infections
Prevention is better than cure. It holds specially true for fungal infections as even dermatologists point out. An already set in fungal infection can be effectively treated with homoeopathic medicines. Application of topical ointments should be discouraged as much as possible.
>> Page 15

Anaemia in pregnancy
Anaemia is a common disorder, which is caused due to deficiency of Hb in the body. Here, the author describes the disease with special reference to pregnancy, with its causes and prevention.
>> Page 21

Medicinal Action and Uses of Sunflower Helianthus
Sunflower has numerous medicinal uses. The homoeopathic medicine Helianthus made of sunflower is a rare but useful medicine for various kinds of ailments.
>> Page 26

The Gift
See, if you can guess the remedy for the little girl Bhakti in the story...
>> Page 28

A Journey from Man to an Organisation Dedicated to the Cause of Homoeopathy, Dr. M.L.Dhawale Memorial Trust & ICR Group of Organisations
Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Trust is an institution, which has made a long journey in a short time for the promotion of homoeopathy in various ways. The efforts and achievements made by the Trust are commendable and should be an inspiration for all.
>> Page 32

Home Remedies for Common Ailments
The following is a list of some natural, home remedies for everyday injuries, diseases, and ailments. All of the ingredients for the remedies are natural, and are available in most health food stores, and even some major supermarket chains. Many ingredients can also be grown at home, or are household products. These remedies, however, are not replacements for traditional medicine; they are just time and money saving alternatives. The best medicine, however, is preventive medicine, so eat healthy, exercise, and take care of oneself before an illness takes hold.
>> Page 43

Book Review
A homoeopathic teacher, student or practitioner-whoever he may be-can ill-afford to do without a copy of Hahnemann’s Materia Medica. It is going to be an indispensable book for all including neophytes and laymen.
>> Page 49

Students Forum
A column for the students of homoeopathy.
>> Page 52

Back Page
The author, Dr. P.N. Varma highlights the need for research in homoeopathy.
>> Page 58

Letters To The Editor >> Page 12
Readers Queries: Answers By Dr. R.K. Manchanda >> Page 13
News Watch >> Page 47
Homoeopathic Crisscross And Guess The Right Remedy >> Page 54
Monthly Forecast >> Page 57



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