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Homoeopathy For All - February 2004 issue

Newborns In Trouble
It is difficult to know when a baby is ill. If he is contented and feeding normally, he is probably perfectly healthy. But babies can become ill quite quickly and any infection may be dangerous. So you should be overcautious. If you notice any signs of illness, look at the symptoms listed in this article and consult a physician as early as possible.
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Obstinate Children
Homoeopathy must be praised for its efficacy to deal with and remove disorders concerning behavior. No other system of medicine is capable of changing behavior, attitude and temperament.
>> Page 23

Boost Your Child’s Immune System
Natural nutritive forces, and holistic systems of medicine such as homoeopathy can and do support the immune system. They enhance its activity, strengthen it, and provide an environment through cleansing and detoxification for it to work at its best.
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Bed-Wetting And Homoeopathy
Bedwetting at age 4-6 years is very common and is therefore not seen as abnormal. Approximately one in six children will still wet the bed more than two nights per week at this age.
>> Page 29

Children’s Allergies
Any child may become allergic, but children from families with a history of allergy are more likely to be allergic. Early identification of allergic problems in child will improve their quality of life.
>> Page 32

Baby Care After Birth
A newborn baby brings many joys as well as many questions. Along with the happiness parents feel with the birth of their child, they often have concerns about his/her health and how to properly care for him/her. Learning to care for your baby is an exciting time, but may come with many questions. The following information will assist you in caring for your baby after birth.
>> Page 37

Feeding Your Infant - A Guide
Appropriate and healthy feeding of your baby during the first year of life is extremely important. More growth occurs during the first year than at any other time in your child’s life.
>> Page 40

Dealing With Examination Stress
In this article, we aim to provide some practical advice and guidance about how you might moderate the effects of stress. Not only this, we also aim to provide information on the help that homoeopathy can offer in dealing with examination stress.
>> Page 43

Homoeopathy For Children’s Ailments
Homoeopathy has been the most effective and safest mode of treatment for various ailments of children. It has been considered of much use for the treatment of little new born, neonate, infants and children. Bakson’s has been offering treatment for various children ailments with profound results. The article here, compiled by “Bakson’s Homoeopathic Research Foundation” deals with the common problems of children with their homoeopathic treatment, one by one with a few case studies of children who were treated at Baksons.
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