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Homoeopathy For All - February 2005 issue


Depression and Examination Stress in Children
Many teenagers tend to become nonconformists and fall prey to teenage depression in response to a variety of growing up anxieties. However, stress induced fear and anxiety in children adversely affects their performance at various levels. Read more about the causes and ways to manage stress in children.
>> Page 17

Working to Provide Best Health Care to People with Homoeopathy
Some people are a boon for homoeopathy. Sri Subba Rao is one of them, who has thought and worked for homoeopathic science for more than many homoeopaths. A philanthropist by nature, Sri Subha Rao has endeavoured to provide the best health care to people. In a small interview, he talks about his efforts and aims.
>> Page 24

Taking a Case-An Art
Taking a case is an art in homoeopathy upon which the prescription of a physician depends. Most of the failures which occur in homoeopathic treatment are due to failure in selecting the correct remedy, which is due to improper case taking by many of us. Here are a few tips, which help in developing the art of case taking in young homoeopaths and students.
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Br**st Cancer
A concise insight into the causative factors, prevention, diet and homoeopathic approach to the disease.
>> Page 32

Calcarea Flourica
According to the theory of biochemistry, health is dependent upon the quantity and equalisation of organic and inorganic constituents in the body. The body is merely a collection of cells, each cell being composed of organic and inorganic matter. But it is the presence of inorganic matter, which, unites with and activates the organic element to function in a normal manner.
>> Page 35

Sleepless Nights
Sleep is an opportunity for the brain and body to rest and be restored. Lack of sleep can make you unable to function normally during the day. Insomnia can be effectively treated with homoeopathic medicines.
>> Page 38

The Dreaded Disease - Psoriasis
Psoriasis is considered to be a chronic and incurable skin condition. Homoeopathy has positive incidence in curtailing course of this disease in terms of reducing further spread to non-incidenced areas.
>> Page 41

First Event of Cash (Centre for Advanced Study in Homoeoapthy) Presents Dr. Robin Murphy Live! An Eye Opener
>> Page 44

Relevance of Homoeopathic Medicine - are they Placebo?
Homoeopathic medicines are as reliable as any other medicines and they are truly scientific and efficacious. The author who is a final year student of homoeopathy presents proof and reasons to emphasis on the fact that homoeopathy is scientific.
>> Page 48

Requisite to Become a Homoeopathist
This is a restudy of a letter written by Dr. Hahnemann to Dr. Robhi where Dr. Hahnemann has given the requisite qualities for a physician to be a Homoeopathic Physician.
>> Page 58

Back Page
Pondering views by Dr. P.N. Varma on the role of homoeopathic medicines in treating various diseases.
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