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Homoeopathy For All - January 2006 issue


Remedies For Heart.
Treatment in homoeopathy is individualized and constitutional for which proper case taking is essential. But there are certain specific homoeopathic remedies, which have proved beneficial in prevention and treatment of some cardiac diseases. This article enlists some of these remedies with a brief description and symptomatology of each remedy.
>> Page 13

Non - Negotiable Focus on Quality: SBL (P) Ltd.
By Kamini Gupta
SBL, the homoeopathic company is in the forefront for not only making reliable medicines but also making them available at affordable prices. This is a brief presentation on SBL its formation achievements and the plus points, which make it a company par excellence.
>> Page 17

Healthy Heart and Homoeopathy.
The article presents an overview of Cardiac diseases , the risk factors, causes and ways of prevention. A few homoeopathic remedies for treating heart diseases are also mentioned with their indications.
>> Page 26

Homoeopathy and Heart Care.
By Rachna Khanna Singh
India is the worse hit country of heart diseases. Heart diseases are both preventable and treatable by diet and lifestyle changes. Homoeopathy also has a role to play in primary and secondary prevention of cardiac diseases.
>> Page 33

Bio-combination No.3 for Colic.
With the growth of the biochemic system of medicine, many biochemic combinations were developed for treating various common ailments. These combinations constitute of three to four biochemic salts that have a specific action on treating the ailment.
>> Page 39

Short Takes for Physicians.
Homoeopathic system of medicine is vast with unlimited scope for study, discussion and research. Homoeopathic fraternity fails to be able to discuss their cases or their experiences because of a lack of common platform. Homoeopaths are also unable to lay their hands on recent research and developments in homoeopathy. With a view to provide a platform to all homoeopaths-towards learning and discussion, we have initiated this column for the doctors. We invite all the homoeopaths to share whatever they want to through this column.
>> Page 47

Role of Homoeopathic in Anaemia.
By Dr. Anurudh Verma
A brief account on Anaemia with the role of homoeopathy in its management.
>> Page 60



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