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Homoeopathy For All - March 2006 issue


Obesity and Homoeopathy
Dealing with obesity may mean taking a hard look at how you live and making some tough changes. It may be helpful to talk to a weight-loss specialist or others trying to lose weight. They may be able to help one think of food and exercise in a new light.
>> Page 14

Revolution in Homoeopathic Dispensing-Is it needed?
By Dr. Nidhi Luthra
This special feature is on the concept of sale of homoeopathic medicines in sealed bottles. a survey was conducted to ascertain the views of the homoeopathic fraternity at large (physicians, pharmacists, manufacturers and also the consumers) on this concept. The article features the pros and cons in selling of homoeopathic medicines in sealed bottles with the views of some people.
>> Page 27

Watch your Weight the Homoeopathic Way
By Dr. Nidhi Luthra
It is a well known fact that homoeopathic medicines can help reduce weight. But, how much and how is what people don’t know. Let us understand the effect of homoeopathic medicines in reducing weight.
>> Page 46

Status of Homoeopathic Medicine in Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940 & Rules, 1975
By Dr. Alok Kumar
A brief overview of status of homoeopathic medicines in Drugs & Cosmetics act 1940& Rules 1975 with the latest changes made therein.
>> Page 50

Role of Non-Government Organisation (Ngo’s) in Cancer
By Dr. Anurudh Verma
To prevent cancer, health professionals and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) can and should take an active role in teaching and counseling to raise public awareness about cancer risks and preventive measures.
>> Page 54

Caring for Pregnant Women with homoeopathy
By Dr. Sulxshan Malhotra
The article gives some common ailments faced during pregnancy with their homoeopathic treatment.
>> Page 57

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