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Homoeopathy For All - June 2006 issue


An Ideal 21st Century Homoeopathic Medical College
By Dr. Arvind Kothe
Choosing an ideal college or institution is a mind boggling task. Thus lies the difference in choosing an ideal 21st century homoeopathic medical college, a premier institute that attracts the best students, gives them the best teachers, widens their horizons and catalyses them into dynamic medical professionals.
>> Page 30

Summer Ailments and Homoeopathy
By Dr. Nidhi Luthra
Summers come and with it come a host of ailments, which occur due to excessive heat. Knowledge about the common diseases of summer and ways of prevention can help combat the summer diseases successfully.
>> Page 21

Inculcating values through Homoeopathic education
By Dr. (Mrs.) Annupama Panjwani
Homoeopathic Education is not injection or injunction, if is not indoctrination of views and ideas or just an imposition of one’s views upon other’s. In short Homoeopathic education should not be an infliction, because the moment it becomes an infliction, the consequence is indiscipline amongst learners.
>> Page 29

Clinical Training
By Prof (Dr). P.K. SUDHIR
Clinical teaching has all along been a part of the Homoeopathic Medical Education everywhere. But, in most of our teaching institutions, this component of medical education is yet to catch-up with the modern developments in the field. For the reasons cited here, clinical teaching has to be toned-up in the light of modern knowledge, methods & techniques avoiloble in the Field.
>> Page 33

Homoeopathic Education Need For Uniform Course in Asia
By Dr. Eswara Das
Dr. Eswara Das, highlights the urgency to have uniform standardized courses in homoeopathy across the world.
>> Page 56

Biocombination Number - 8 for Diarrhoea
By Dr. Rajendra Kumar
Diarrhoea is a common ailment especially in summers. Biochemic remedies can treat diarrhoea effectively. Biocombination 8 has been specially prepared to treat acute as well as chronic diarrhoea.
>> Page 47

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