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Homoeopathy For All - July 2007 issue


Major Health Concerns of Childhood & Homoeopathy
Apart from developmental disorders & various infectious diseases; the modernization of lifestyle has brought in a number of conditions in children & adolescents which were once known to affect only adults, i.e. obesity, hypertension & diabetes mellitus. An insight in the major areas of health concern in childhood is given below along with the illustration of homoeopathic role in these conditions.
>> Page 13

Childhood Immunity and Homoeopathy
By Dr. R. Valavan
Healthy children need healthy immune systems to fight off bugs and infections, and be fit and lead a stronger life. Homoeopathic medicines activate defence mechanism and stimulate immune system.
>> Page 12

Strangers in a Strange Land
By Dr. Rajendra Kumar
For those with autism spectrum disorder, the world may seem are incomprehensible place an alien planet where one is held against one’s will without even a guide book. The Homeopathic approach to handling chronic disorders being totalistic and aiming at treating the genetic tendencies with a well strategic management, offers effective treatment for autism and related disorders. Homoeopathy individualizes treatment like no other medicine, making it an ideal form of intervention for children with autism.
>> Page 27

Get the Stress out of Children
By Dr. Nidhi Luthra
Our increasing knowledge about the importance and impact of stress on young children should be put to good use in reducing stress factors for young children and in assisting children to increase coping strategies and healthy responses to the unavoidable stresses in their lives.
>> Page 38

Away from Home, Homoeopathy is my Best Friend
It is time for your teenager to leave home and join college. Pack your kids off to college with homoeopathic remedies, with can be their best friend in times of need.
>> Page 48

A Dilemma-Delusion, Illusion and confusion of Beginners. What shall I do with the repertory, especially with Kent’s repertory (6th. Edition, American or re-print) or any repertory ?
By Dr. R. P. Patel
The author, Dr. R. P. Patel contemplates the use of Ken’t Repertory homoeopathic practice.
>> Page 53

Biochemic Systems >> Page 45
Book Review >> Page 59
Homoeopathic Crisscross >> Page 60
Monthly Forecast >> Page 62
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