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Homoeopathy For All - September 2007 issue


Lifestyle Disorders & Homoeopathy
Besides the great degree of ease & comfort, urbanization has brought in a number of diseases, commonly referred to as Lifestyle diseases or Diseases of civilization. An insight into the four major health concerns which are common to all age groups & all genders i.e. depression, obesity, Type 2 diabetes & hypertension is given below along with the illustration of homoeopathic role in these conditions.
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Computer Eye Strain: How to Relieve It?
By Dr. Ritu Kinra
Although not associated with long-term consequences, eyestrain resulting from computer use can be bothersome and uncomfortable — and may cut your work short. Minimize computer-related eyestrain by following these tips.
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A Brief Discussion of 50, Millesimal Potency in the Sixth Edition of Hahnemann
By Dr. Ashis Majumdar
Hahnamann made revolutionary changes in the theory and practice of homoeopathy medicine by introducing a new method of dilution in the form of 50 Millesimal potency which, admittedly, proved much more scientific and highly beneficial in the matter of administration of medicine.
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Are you Working Night Shifts?
By Dr. Rajendra Kumar
Learn to cope with night shift working schedule by making certain changes in your diet and lifestyle. If problems are not overcome by these changes take homoeopathic help.
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Beware of Overindulgence
By Dr. Nidhi Luthra
Be it overindulgence in food or alcohol, homoeopathy has a remedy to cure both. Overindulgence in food and drinks that cause mild dyspepsia or acidity can be taken care of at home by many homoeopathic remedies. Chronic overindulgence, which has resulted in an impaired functioning of the liver and chronic indigestion needs a comprehensive approach to treatment and involves constitutional evaluation by a professional homoeopath.
>> Page 52

Modern Lifestyle Challenges
By Dr. Rachna K Singh
No doubt modern lifestyle has brought a number of luxuries to our lives but it has also posed many challenges for people today, including its impact on health. Lifestyle related disorders such as heart diseases, diabetes have become increasingly common. This article is a brief overview of the common lifestyle related disorders with their homoeopathic management.
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