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Homoeopathy For All - December 2010 issue


Ensure a Pleasant Winter Season with Homoeopathy
By Dr. Nidhi Luthra
With the onset of winters, many individuals become more susceptible to many winter related ailments such as common cold, flu, sore throat and cough. Also people suffering from chronic diseases notice a worsening of their symptoms in cold winter weather. Using homoeopathy will improve the symptoms of these winter related ailments and ensure a more pleasant winter season.
>> Page 16

Winter Maladies
By Dr. Mudita Arora & Shweta Gangar
Winter season is hardly four months long irrespective of what the calendar portrays and it brings with it hordes of infections to confront with. A sudden drop in external temperature is the most appropriate time when most people suffer from Influenza, Bronchiolitis, Sinusitis etc. This is a brief overview on some common ailments that come on during winters or worsen in the winter season
>> Page 47

Winter Dry Skin
By Dr. Radhika Misra
Dry skin is a very common skin problem and is often worse during the winter when environmental humidity is low (i.e., “winter itch”). It can occur at all ages and in people with or without other skin problems. This article discusses the causes of dry skin and how to treat and prevent this problem. We hope you find it useful.
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Warding off Ear Infections in Children
By Dr. Ritu Kinra
Middle ear infection is the most common childhood illness treated by pediatricians. Even though antibiotics may not be necessary or helpful in many cases, doctors often feel pressured by patients and families to prescribe them. If a child takes antibiotics too often or stops taking the medicine once her fever and earache go away, without finishing the entire prescription, dangerous “super bacteria” that can’t be killed with antibiotic treatment can develop. This is known as bacterial resistance, and health experts believe it is becoming a serious problem. Homoeopathic treatment forms a safe and reliable mode of treatment for treating ear infection.
>> Page 25

SAD makes you sad, but homoeopathy makes you happy – comparative and critical study of rubrics for seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
By Dr. R. Valavan
Homoeopathy has long been used in many mental disorders. This article tries to explore and examine the rubrics for the symptoms of SAD. Repertories of repute have no rubric for this disorder. Murphy’s repertory has given a rubric ‘Seasonal affective disorder’ under the section Mind. Pathophysiology, diagnostic criteria and tackling of SAD are being discussed for judging the rubrics.
>> Page 36

History of Homoeopathy in India and Abroad
By Dr. Swapan Paul
This is a brief sketch of the history of homoeopathy in India and also around the world.
>> Page 58

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