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Homoeopathy For All - March 2013 issue


The Significance of Healthy Digestion and Homoeopathic Ways to Overcome Common Digestive Disorders
Most people ignore their digestive system unless there’s a problem. They rarely consider the role it plays in our overall health. People with poor digestive health might struggle with their weight, experience irregularity, nausea, bloating, constipation, stomach pain, diarrhea, heartburn, or gas on a routine basis. Poor digestive health also can prevent people from sleeping, working, exercising, or socializing with friends. This is a brief overview on common symptoms associated with digestive disorders and their homoeopathic management.
>> Page 18

Functional Dyspepsia – Its Modern Understanding and Homoeopathic Approach
By Dr. R. Valavan

The scope and success of homoeopathy in functional dyspepsia as in other functional disorders are known both in acute episodes as well as in giving stable recovery in chronic cases. This article tries to update the readers on the possible modern understanding of the disease, its miasmatic approach and drugs to manage functional dyspepsia.
>> Page 22

A New Stomach Virus More Potent, Harder to Kill
By Dr. Nidhi Luthra, Editor
The growing incidence of stomach viral is a cause of concern and people need awareness on this viral infection which affects the gastrointestinal tracts. The new norovirus, or stomach virus, is said to cause severe gastrointenstinal problems, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps. The illness is notorious for causing dehydration.
>> Page 28

Chronic Non-Visceral Abdominal Pain
By Dr. Mudita Arora, Dr. Neha Aggarwal & Dr. Neha Dua
It is often misdiagnosed as arising from a visceral source and thus confused with many digestive disorders too.
>> Page 40

Stress Induced Digestive Disorder - An Approach to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
By Dr. S. Sabarirajan & Dr. S.R. Ameerkhan Babu
There seems to be a relationship between IBS and stress. It involves our nervous and endocrine systems and it stimulates changes in a variety of body processes, including blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and bowel functioning. It is the changes in bowel functioning that tie the stress response and IBS together.
>> Page 56

My Experience
By Dr. M. Alam
This is a brief presentation of a case of a patient suffering from PCOS, cured with homoeopathic treatment by the author.
>> Page 52

Wheezal’s Special Diet for Healthy Digestion
Digestive problems—from constipation to lactose intolerance affect many people. Making a few simple dietary changes (e.g., eating a healthful diet rich in fiber and making sure to drink plenty of fluids) often can go a long way in improving your digestive health.
>> Page 53

Reader’s Queries >> Page 17
Biochemic System - Dr. Ritu Kinra >> Page 49
Pondering Views - Dr. P.N. Varma >> Page 67



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