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Homoeopathy For All - Feb 2016 issue


Stop Popping Pills and Resort to Homoeopathy
-Dr. Nidhi Luthra

Treating severe aches and pains conventionally may bring unwanted side effects. Homeopathy has much to offer. So switch over from the harmful pain killers to the effective and harmless homoeopathy. Though sometimes it is a tedious process to chose the correct medicines but when it is selected, it never fails.
>> Page 16

Biological response induced by Homoeopathic High Dilutions in respect to Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and Related Pharmacological Effects – a review of recent researches -Dr. R. Valavan

HModern studies not only validate our traditional literatures, but also explore the different activities which could be applied in clinical practice based on modern diagnostic criteria(s). The objective of this article is to review such scientific studies to enrich our knowledge..
>> Page 25

Tongue Disorders
Different Presentations of Tongue Disorders and Homoeopathy
-Dr Indrajeet P. Shah, Dr Amit A. Bhasme

The tongue is considered a good reflection of general health status of the human body. Tongue disorders could be due to local causes or manifestation of systemic disease.
>> Page 41

Trigger Points-Diagnosis and Management -Dr. Mudita Arora

Myofascial pain syndrome is a common painful muscle disorder caused by myofascial trigger points. This must be differentiated from fibromyalgia syndrome, which involves multiple tender sports or tender points.
Emergency in Homoeopathy
Emergency in Homoeopathy - How to Tackle?
-Dr. Shiv Dua

Floods, storm-rains, earthquakes and other disasters need doctors at such worst situations. If there is no hospital or allopathic doctor nearby, people would rush to nearby residing homoeopath. Are you equipped with your emergency kit of medicines? It is a serious situation needing quick and prompt first aid service. This article will surely help you if you are not ready. We must be ready for any such situations..
>> Page 53

Pain?-Get Relief with Homoeopathic Pain Killers
-Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan, Dr. S. R. Ameer khan Babu

Pain is protective in character – one of the ways in which nature expresses the patient’sneeds. Without pain we would not survive very long.The aim of homoeopathy is not only to treat pain but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility.
>> Page 57

REGULAR FEATURES Biochemic system
-Dr. Nidhi Luthra

pondering views -Dr. P.N. Varma
>> Page 67



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