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Homoeopathy For All - FEB 2017 issue


Homoeopathy for Children
Nasal Obstruction–A Common Cause of Distress in Children -Compiled by Editorial Department,

Nasal blockage is a very common problem in infants and young children for which homoeopathic physicians are approached quite often. Nasal blockage can be caused by many factors and most of them are acute causes easily treatable by homoeopathy.

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An Exclusive Interview with

Mr. Ashish Kumar, Managing Director, Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt Ltd.
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Say no to Surgery! Manage Deviated Nasal Septum and Associated Respiratory Allergy with Homoeopathy

-Dr. R. Valavan
Deviated nasal septum is a condition when the nasal septum is displaced to one side. Main symptoms include nasal congestion of the convex side, obstruction, difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, facial pain, headache, postnasal drip, loud breathing, snoring during sleep, sleep apnea, recurrent or repeated infections.As stated above, conventional system performs mainly surgery. These allergic symptoms are well-managed by the indicated homoeopathic remedies thereafter. This article tries to give a glimpse on such drugs covering the symptoms of the condition. >> Page 27


-Compiled by R & D Department, Bakson Homoeopathy It is a frequent emergency department (ED) complaint and often causes significant anxiety in patients and clinicians.>> Page 49

Nasal Block-Common Causes with General and Homoeopathic Approach

-Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan, -Dr. S. R. Ameerkhan Babu
>> Page 58


-Dr. Swapan Paul, Dr. Manjeet Singh
Nasal polyp are considered a case for surgery under the conventional mode of medicine, however homoeopathic mode of treatment offer an alternative by treating nasal polyps internally, without invasive procedure. Homoeopathic medicine treat the symptoms of nasal polyp as well help shrink the nasal polyps.
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Reader’s Queries <
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Life Lessons with Dr. Jawahar Shah <
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Medisynth’s Know Your Herb <
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Biochemic System <
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Allens tips for physicians <
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WHEEZAL’S Special Diet for Constipation <
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BBP’s Soundarya Beauty Tips <
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Pondering views <
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