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Homoeopathy For All - JULY 2017 issue


Mental Health               16
Dealing with Emotions
-Dr. Nidhi Luthra
This article describes how emotions affect our health and how important it is to deal with our emotions for our mental as well as physical health.  

Event                             22
President of India Inaugurates
World’s Largest Award
Ceremony in the Field of Homoeopathy

Focus                   24

Practical Approach to  Mental Depression
-Dr. R. Valavan
The article highlights the practical homoeopathic approach to treating depression considering the author’s experience in dealing with cases of depression

Preventive Medicine               28

Homoeoprophylaxis (HP)
Dr. Varsha M Khurana
Homoeopathy provides an alternative to the conventional vaccination protocol. Read on to know more about homoeopathic vaccination.

Heat Stroke                            30

Heat Stroke: Symptoms and Treatment
-Dr. Sushma Pal

Focus                             49

Mania-Diagnosis and rubrics
-Compiled by R & D Department, Bakson Homoeopathy
Mania is usefully grouped with Bipolar disorder, as nearly all cases with Mania will go on to experience episodes of depression

A Case Study                61

Acidum Aceticum
-Dr. P. T. Ponmani Valavan
A simplified review of the homoeopathic remedy, acetic acid made from ethanol.

A Case Study                70

Urolithiasis, Treatment with Homoeopathic Medicines and its Elemental Analysis at Nano Level
-Dr. Amiya Nanda Goswam,
-Dr. Ashish Kumar Jaiswal,
-Dr. Sukhvir Singh

About Homoeopathy             72

Tautopathy (Potentised Allopathic Drugs) - Is it Indirect Homoeopathy?
-Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan,
-Dr. S. R. Ameerkhan Babu
What is Tautopathy, what is homoeopathy and what is allopathy. This article discusses homoeopathy in detail with the three different systems.


    Life Lessons with Dr. Jawahar Shah                                57
  Medisynth’s Know Your Herb                                        44
  Biochemic System                                                  46
  Allens tips for physicians                                        64
  WHEEZAL’S Special Foods for Indigestion                           66
  BBP’s Soundarya Beauty Tips                                       68
  Pondering views                                                   76



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