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Homoeopathy For All - FEBUARY 2018 issue




‘India Decades Ahead in Offering Pluralistic Care’: Rachel Roberts                       26

Dr. Raj K. Manchanda, Dr. Harleen Kaur, Dr. Deepti Singh, Dr. SuhanaAzis


Status of Indian Homoeopathic Pharma Industry: Strategies to                                29     

Overcome Challenges and to Tap Opportunities

Mr. Ashish Kumar


Drugs and Cosmetics (11th Amendment) Rules, 2017 for Regulation of                  34

Homoeopathic Medicines

Dr. Raj K Manchanda, Ms. Renu Arya, Dr. Deepti Singh


Commonly Found Mistakes Pertaining to the Labeling of Homeopathic                  38


Dr. GVR Joseph


Importance of  Standardization of Plant Materials –Critical to                                 39
GMP:  A Medisynth Perspective

Dr. Prakash Joshi


Export Potential of Homoeopathic medicine                                                           46

Mr. Karan Bhargava


Homoeopathy – A Cosmic Biodiversity                                                                 50

Dr. Nyapathi Srinivasa Rao


Which Manufacturer of Homeopathic Medicine  wants to be                                   54

AMAZON OF Homeopathy?

Dr. Jawahar Shah


Company Profiles  (In Alphabetical Order)


Allen Homoeo & Herbal Products Ltd.                                                                   56


Allen Group of Companies                                                                                   62


Adelmar Pharma GmbH                                                                                        81


Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticlas Pvt. Ltd.                                                            82

Bangalore Bio-Plasgens.                                                                                       88


Bhargava Phytolab Pvt Ltd.                                                                                   91


Bhandari Homoeopathic Laboratories.                                                                   93


B.Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.                                                                            94


Bangalore Homoeo Pharmacy                                                                               97


Chappin & Nelson Homoeopaths                                                                           98


Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd.                                                                      100


Dr. Reckeweg & Co.                                                                                             105


Fr. Muller Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Division.                                                108


Hahnemann Publishing Co. Private Ltd.,                                                                110


Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. Pvt. Ltd.                                                                      112


International Homoeo Research Pvt. Ltd.                                                               114


King & Co.                                                                                                           117


Lord’s Homoeopathic Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.                                                            118


M. Bhattacharya & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.                                                                         122


National Homoeo Laboratory.                                                                                123


Ramakrishna Homeo Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd.                                                       125


Similia Homoeo Laboratory.                                                                                 127


St. George’s Homoeopathy                                                                                   128


Wheezal Group.                                                                                                    130




Life Lessons with Dr. Jawahar Shah             48


Medisynth’s Know Your Herb                     76


Biochemic System                                      132


Allens tips for Physicians                             134


WHEEZAL’S Special Diet for Cough           136


BBP’s Soundarya Beauty Tips                     138


Pondering views                                          140



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