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Homoeopathy For All - June 2018 issue


Focus                    16

Save your Skin this Summer with Homoeopathy

Compiled by : Editorial Department

The scorching heat and the super shining sun can be really harsh on your skin and cause a multitude of skin problems. These include heat rash, sun burn, allergies, tanning and many more. Did you know that homoeopathy can play a role in keeping skin shining & healthy?



Homoeopathy for Skin Infection                21

Tinea Infection and its Homoeopathic Management

-Dr. R. Valavan

Many homoeopathic medicines have been found to be effective in the treatment of Tinea infections. It is considered much safer and curative in such conditions as compared to conventional treatments.


Focus                   25

Acne & Pimples and their Homoeopathic Management

-Dr. Rahul Singh

Homeopathic treatment for Acne & pimples is a great alternative and natural therapy for acne. Homoeopathic treatment of acne is totally side effect free and its long-term use does not lead to any damage to the body.


Homoeopathy for Mental Disorders          28

Depression-Losing Touch with Reality

-Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan, Dr. S. R. Ameerkhan Babu

Homoeopathy has long been used to relieve mental and emotional disorders, including depression etc. Homoeopathy can effectively treat most forms of depression with very good success rate. Early treatment is more effective and helps prevent the likelihood of serious recurrences.


Focus                    49

Fungal Infections on Skin

-Dr. Mudita Arora, Pooja Maurya

Tinea infections are highly common. It is estimatted that 20-25 per cent of the world population may suffer with fungal infections.


Mother and Child Care          54

Impacts of Maternal Stress
on Fetoneurological Development - Combat Solutions

-Dr. P. Sai Sudha

Maternal stress affects the health of the fetus and its development. There are many ways to combat stress during pregnancy for a healthy motherhood and a healthy child.


Research Planning         56

Research Planning and Sampling

-Dr. Asmita P. Alekar

Resign design is a mapping strategy which is based on sampling technique. It essentially includes objectives, sampling, research strategy, tools and techniques for collecting the evidences, analyzing the data and reporting the findings.

Materia Medica   66

Ambra Grisea

-Dr. P. T. Ponmani Valavan

Ambra grisea is supposed to be a disease product derived from the sperm whales with medicinal action especially on the central nervous system.


Healthy Eating    70

Whole Fruits v/s Fresh Juice  v/s Packaged Juice

-Dr Medha Kapoor

Why go through the trouble of chewing the fruits when you can juice them up and gulp them down in a go, and still get all the nutrients?





Medisynth’s Know Your Herb                     44


Biochemic System                                      46


Allens tips for Physicians                             62


WHEEZAL’S Special Diet Health Skin        64


Life Lessons with Dr. Jawahar Shah             68


BBP’s Soundarya Beauty Tips                     72


Pondering views                                          76






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