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Common abbreviations in Homeopathy

CORH Council of Organisations Registering Homeopaths
DSH Diploma from School of Homeopathy
Dip. Hom Diploma in Homeopathy
ECCH European Council of Classical Homeopathy
FFHom Fellow of Faculty of Homeopathy
FHMA Fellow of Homeopathic Medical Association
FIH Fellow of the Indian Institute of Homeopathy
LCCH London College of Classical Homoeopathy
LCH Licentiate of College of Homeopathy
MCH Member of College of Homeopathy
MFHom Member of Faculty of Homeopathy
MHMA Member of Homeopathic Medical Association
RSHom Registered with Society of Homeopaths

Some other common abbreviations

BHMA British Holistic Medical Association
CCAM Council for Complementary & Alternative Medicines
DHM Diploma in holistic Medicine
Dip.C Diploma in Counselling
Dip.Hyp Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Dip.Phyt Diploma in Phytotherapy (herbal medicine)
DN Diploma in Nursing
DO Diploma in Osteopathy
DPH Diploma in Public Health
FBRA Fellow of British Reflexology Association
FIHP Fellow of Institute of Hypnosis & Parapsychology
FRH Fellow of Register of Herbalists
ITEC International Therapy Examination Council
MNIMH Member of National Institute of Medicinal Herbalists
MRH Member of Register of Herbalists
MSHP Member of Society of Holistic Practitioners




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