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Remedies (Origins and actions)

Fevers, sore throats, coughs, influenza, croup, earaches, and sore eyes, and also emotional states such as anxiety, fright, and shock.

The remedy is derived from monkshood, a plant whose beautiful but poisonous flowers are shaped like a monk's head cowl. Aconite is best used in the first stages of an illness, especially when fear and anxiety are present.

Ant Tart
An important Cough remedy.

Antimonium tartaricum is prepared from the chemical tartar emetic. It affects the mucous membranes of the lungs, and helps a weak person to cough up the trapped mucus (phlegm). It also aids formation of the spots in chickenpox, which is important to ensure the disease progresses.

Various types of swelling and inflammation, such as animal bites and stings, also measles and mumps, sore throats, sore red eyes and fevers.

The remedy comes from the honey bee, and the symptom pattern mimcs the bee's sting. Apis is an important quick-acting remedy where there is inflammation, and especially oedema - swelling with excessive fluid in the body tissues.

Arg Nit
Emotional states such as nervousness, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Argentum nitricum is produced from a crystalline chemical, silver nitrate. It is a major remedy for anxiety states involving anticipation, especially worry about a forthcoming event or ordeal.

Bruises and similar injuries where the skin is unbroken, and mental and physical shock.

Arnica is prepared from the daisylike herb of the same name, also known as fall herb, that usually grows in mountainous areas. It is the most important of the homeopathic injury remedies, and acts on the soft tissues, including the muscles and blood vessels. It can be applied as a cream or taken in pill form.

Colds and influenza, hayfever, asthma, food poisoning and digestive upsets, and worry amd anxiety.

This remedy is prepared from the infamously poisonous substance arsenic (arsenious oxide). It is important for both short-term acute and long-term chronic ailments. It acts especially well on the respiratory system, and on the hole digestive tract including the stomach and intestines.

Colds, influenza, sore throats, toothaches, earaches, boils and similar inflammations, fevers, and also chickenpox, measles, and mumps.

Belladonna is made from the well known deadly nightshade, a tall plant with large glossy, black, poisonous berries. It is a major short-term or acute remedy for all kinds of fevers and feverish illnesses, especially in the first stages.

Coughs, colds, influenza, and bronchitis, also stomach upsets, headaches, mumps, and injuries such as joint sprains and minor dislocations.

Origin and actions

White bryony is a common climbing plant found throughout Europe, and its roots yield this remedy. It can help many varied problems, but for the maximum effect, it is important that the symptom picture fits very closely.

Cal Carb
A remedy for many illnesses, provided the symptoms fit. It is often needed when growing or going through major developmental stages. It is mainly a long-term constitutional remedy, especially for children. It use is best left to the Homeopathic practitioner.

Calcarea carbonica is made from a type of lime, prepared from the middle layer of oyster shells.

Open wounds, cuts, sores, burns, and similar injuries.

Caledula is derived from the leaves and flowers of the marigold, a familiar herb or pot plant with deep orange petals. Caledula speeds up healing, and prevents wounds from becoming infected and turning septic.

Burns and scalds of many different kinds, and the bladder inflammation of cystitis.

Cantharis is prepared from an insect - the brilliant green beetle known as the Spanish Fly. It is an important first aid remedy for minor burns, and for other pains that feel burning and fiery. It also has a healing effect on the bladder, urethra, and other parts of the urinary tract, where burning pain is the key symptom.

Carbo Veg
Fainting and Collapse.

Carbo vegetabilis is prepared from charcoal, which in turn is usually made by part burning certain types of wood. This remedy is normally prescribed by a homeopath, rather than self prescribing at home. However it can be very useful in cases of fainting, since it helps to increase the oxygen content of the circulating blood.

Asthma, earache, toothache, teething and colic. It is one of the ABC remedies for children, the others being Aconite and Belladonna.

This remedy is made from the common chamomile, a member of the daisy family that grows wild over most of Europe. It strongly affects the nervous system, and should be considered only where the illness involves irritability or bad temper, especially in children.

Fainting and collapse, also fevers.

China is prepared from the dried bark of the quinaquina tree, also called Peruvian bark, cinchona, or quinine. The tree grows in the high Andes mountains of South America. This remedy affects blood and circulation, and is usually prescribed by homeopaths on a long-term basis. It is useful for a variety of problems where the cause is extreme weakness due to loss of vital body fluids.

Coughs and whooping cough

Drosera is the common or round leaved sun dew, a small plant that lives on heaths, marshes, and peaty bogs across the Northern Hemisphere. The glistening sticky droplets on its leaves trap insects, which the plant dissolves and absorbs. The remedy is prepared from the fresh whole plant and affects the throat, lungs, and respiratory airways. It is a major cough remedy.

Influenza, measles, and worry or anxiety.

Gelsemium is prepared from the bark of the root of the yellow jasmine, a North American plant. The remedy acts mainly on the muscles and the nerves controlling them (the motor nerves). It is one of the homeopathy's most important remedies for influenza. It can also be helpful in emotional states involving anxiety and fear of future events.

Hepar Sulph
Coughs and croup, localized infections or septic states such as boils, abscesses, earaches, sore throats, tonsillitis, and toothache, also bronchitis.

Hepar sulph is a complex mixture of the minerals calcium and sulphur, chiefly as calcium sulphide. It strongly affects the nerves, and so it is best used when the sufferer is irritable. The remedy also works well where where sepsis is present.

Bruises and other injuries, especially on sensitive parts of the body.

Hypericum is prepared from the herb St. John's Wort, using the whole fresh plant. It is mainly a remedy for injuries, with particular actions on the parts of the body rich in sensitive nerves. It can be applied directly as a cream or diluted tincture (one part of tincture in ten parts of water), or taken in the usual pill form.

Emotional upsets, shocks, and traumas.

Ignatia is prepared from the bitter seeds of the St. Ignatius' bean, a beautiful tree found in Eastern Asia. It is one of the most useful remedies for "emotional first aid", and it can ease many behavioural and mood problems that have an obvious emotional underlay. It may also help physical ailments that have a marked emotional or mental content.

Nausea, vomiting, asthma and whooping cough.

Ipecac is prepared from the dried root of a small South American shrub of the same name, also called ipecacuanha or the cephaelis bush. It acts mainly on the digestive tract and also on the respiratory airways. Its outstanding feature is nausea - whatever the ailment. If the illness has nausea as a predominant symptom, this remedy may help.

Kali Bich
Excellent remedy for colds and sinusitis, although chronic sinusitis is best treated by a professional homeopath.

Sore throats, tonsillitis, women's problems such as premenstrual tension (PMT or PMS)

Lachesis is prepared from the poison of the bushmaster snake. It is best prescribed by a homeopath, since it is a major constitutional and chronic, or long-term, remedy. However it can be used at home for throat infections. Because of its emotional characteristics, it is also important for treating female problems.

Injuries, including animal bites and stings.

Indigestion, sore throats, and many "constitutional" problems, anxiety or a lack of self confidence.

Lycopodium is prepared from the clubmoss plant. Homeopaths prescribe it mainly as a long-term constitutional remedy, which acts deeply on the digestive and urinary systems. Such a deep action means that it can help a wide variety of problems, provided the symptom picture fits fairly closely.

Mag Phos
Colic, cramping pains such as period pains, sciatica, toothache, and earche.

Magnesia phosphorica is a mineral compound of magnesium and phosphorous. It acts directly on the nerves and muscles and its chief use is for lessening or killing pain. It helps against various types pain, but it is most effective when the symptom picture fits closely.

Merc Viv
Infected or septic states such as boils and abscesses, sore throats and tonsillitis, earaches, toothaches, mouth ulcers, and chickenpox and mumps.

Mercurius is prepared from liquid metal mercury (quicksilver) or its complex salt ammonium nitrate of mercury. It strongly affects the body's glands and their secretions. It comes into its own when sepsis has set in, and an infected area has turned septic or "gone bad"

Natrum Mur
Grief and similar emotional problems, including resentment.

This remedy is basically sodium chloride, or common salt. It is a major constitutional remedy and works deeply on the emotions. Natrum muriaticum can aid many chronic or long-term problems, if the symptoms and personality features fit. On a physical level, it affects the body's water balance.

Nux Vomica
Indigestion, nausea, vomiting, hangover headaches, colds, and influenza.

Nux vomica is derived from the seeds of the strychnine-containing poison nut tree, which grows in Eastern Asia. It is a major remedy for first aid situations, especially those affecting the digestive system. It is also a very important constitutional and chronic, or long term, remedy.

Sore throats and tonsillitis, also mastitis and other nipple or br**st problems.

The mineral phosphorous is an essential constituent of the body, particularly the bones. As an important constitutional remedy, it can help many problems where the personality and symptoms agree. It has special effects on the digestive tract and respiratory airways.

Asthma, chickenpox, mumps, earache, eye problems, teething and other childhood problems, and also menstrual problems.

Pulsatilla, made from the pasque flower, is an essential part of a basic homeopathy kit. It is a major constitutional remedy. If the emotional symptoms fit, it can be very helpful, even if the physical problem does not correspond.

Rhus Tox
Chickenpox, mumps, shingles, sprains and strains and joint pains.

Rhus tox is prepared from the North American rambling plant, poison ivy. It is an important first aid remedy for sprains, strains, swollen joints, and similar injuries. It can also help many other problems, provided the symptom picture fits fairly closely.

Bruises, eye strains, and sprains and strains affecting the muscles and joints.

Ruta is prepared from the herb rue, which has been treasured through the ages for its medicinal properties. The remedy has effects on the joints, tendons, cartilages, and the periosteum (the membrane that covers the bones). It is also valued for its first aid qualities and its action on tired eyes.

Abscesses, wounds that are slow to heal, toothache and earache, and similar localized infections.

Silica is a mineral prepared from sand or flint rock. Homepaths tend to use it more for long-term prescriptions than for everyday ailments. However its can be very useful for treating pus-filled or suppurating wounds, since it encourages the body to expel diseased tissues, or to break down and reabsorb them.

Styes amd eye infections, the after-effects of surgery, and emotional stresses and upsets.

Staphysgaria is prepared from the larkspur flower, a member of the delphinium family. It suits sensitive people who suppress their feelings and suffer in silence, or who boil over with indignation. This can be a remedy for cuts and wounds, especially when linked to feelings of indignation or humiliation.

Sulphur is a major constututional and children's remedy. It can help a large number of problems. Its use is best left to the Homeopathic practitioner.

Sulphur is a natural element that in its raw state looks like yellowish chalk. It is a very deep-acting remedy on any part of the body. It helps to remove poisons and toxins and bring them to the surface, hence its association with skin problems.




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