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Homoeopathy For All - September, 2001


Dear Readers,

An increased incidence of iatrogenic illness makes the promotion of therapies such as homoeopathy of vital importance. Modern medical education is a poor basis of health promotion and the great range of problems in which body, mind and environment so obviously interact. Modern treatment aims at treating the disease and not the individual. If only allopaths would realise the importance of treating a person as whole and join hands with homoeopathy, we would definitely be able to provide a better health care.

Dr. P.N. Varma writes on 'Is symbiosis of allopathy with homoeopathy viable' in his pondering views.

Diseases such as hypertension require treatment that is holistic in approach for the treatment of such problems is more about promotion of health rather than treatment. It aims at enhancing the body's own natural capacity to heal itself to restore harmony.

Our materia medica is vast with different sources of medicines. Plants are the largest source of homoeopathic medicines. It is heartening to read books such as 'Encyclopaedia of medicinal plants used in homoeopathy' by Dr. K.S. Gopi that gives accurate details about plants used to make homoeopathic drugs.

Another source of homoeopathic medicines is the nosodes- homoeopathic preparations obtained from microbe cultures, viruses, pathological secretions and excretions. Simply stated: a nosode is a homeopathic remedy prepared from a pathological specimen such as blood, pus, any other body secretion or excretion, or even a diseased fragment of tissue, such as a growth. In this issue we give an article on the origin of these peculiar medicines known as nosodes.

Thanking you
Dr. Nidhi Luthra



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