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Homoeopathy For All - January, 2004


Dear Readers,

At the inception of homoeopathy by Samuel Hahnemann, the homoeopathic medicines were prepared by the homoeopathic physicians themselves. As and when homoeopathy grew in popularity and demand, the need for homoeopathic manufacturing industry came up. Many homoeopathic companies were opened to cater to the needs of the homoeopathic fraternity. It must have been a great relief to the homoeopaths of that time as the preparation of medicines is very time consuming.

With time the homoeopathic industry in India also flourished. There is a comprehensive article on the status of homoeopathic manufacturing industry in India as of today.

With the mounting popularity of homoeopathy in India, the general public also wants quality homoeopathic medicines but most people are unaware of from where and of which company should they purchase the medicine. There are a number of reputed homoeopathic manufacturing units which cater to the needs of the homoeopathic fraternity of our country. In an effort to make the general public aware of the homoeopathic manufacturers and their products, we decided to publish this issue on the manufacturing industry of homoeopathy in India. Day in and day out we have been receiving queries on whether to buy medicines of this company or that? We hope that we are able to clarify the doubts of all these health conscious people regarding this subject.

We thank all homoeopathic companies for the valuable information provided by them.

Thanking you
Dr. Nidhi Luthra



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