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Homoeopathy For All - August, 2004


Dear Readers,

Cardiac ailments are one of the major cause of suffering and death all over the world. People must be made aware of the role of homoeopathy as a preventive as well as curative measure in heart disorders.

Homoeopathy medicines have a positive effect in treating heart conditions and if started on time, they are known to promote healing in such a manner that many serious conditions can be avoided.

Role of diet and regimen is also of profound significance in management of heart conditions. Certain changes in lifestyle and diet can go a long way in curing or preventing heart ailments.

This issue is dedicated to heart disorders enunciated with ways to keep your heart healthy. The role of homoeopathy in cardiology is not known to many people. Dr. Omkar Tilak discusses the aspect in brief. Various cardiac disorders with their homoeopathic treatment have been covered in this issue.

The issue has been published with an attempt to keep everyone’s heart beating - all in a healthy manner.

Thanking you
Dr. Nidhi Luthra



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