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Homoeopathy For All - May, 2007


Dear Readers,

An increased incidence of iatrogenic illness makes the promotion of therapies such as homoeopathy of vital importance. Modern medical education is a poor basis of health promotion and the great range of problems in which body, mind and environment so obviously interact. Modern treatment aims at treating the disease and not the individual. Diseases such as hypertension require treatment that is holistic in approach as it is more about promotion of health rather than treatment. But there is a lack of awareness in people regarding the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment in the treatment of hypertension. Can homoeopathy cure hypertension? Are homoeopathic medicines as effective as allopathic antihypertensives, when it comes to controlling blood pressure? Because of these doubts people generally prefer to opt for allopathic treatment rather than homoeopathy. It is the most popular misconception that homoeopathy is effective in treating only chronic diseases and has nothing to offer in acute conditions. Homoeopathy for All has made an endeavor, through this issue to bring about awareness on the fact that homoeopathy is an effective route to controlling blood pressure. The articles presented in the issue highlight the significance and efficacy of homoeopathy in the treatment of disorders of blood pressure, both high and low.

Homoeopathic materia medica is vast with a long list of remedies for curing any ailment. Most of the times the treatment is constitutional and one remedy takes care of all the complaints in an individual. But there are specific remedies too for treating a particular ailment. There are quite a few homoeopathic remedies that have proved their efficacy in the treatment of hypertension. It is not possible for us to mention all the remedies in our magazine but the most important ones are listed with their indications.

Thanking you
Dr. Nidhi Luthra



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