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Homoeopathy For All - April, 2013


Dear Readers,

The homoeopathic physicians in practice might have hardly seen a case of tonsillitis which has not responded to homoeopathic medicine and treatment. Patients suffering from tonsillitis are mostly children and most of them get rid of the recurrent problem of tonsillitis with homoeopathic treatment. The efficacy of homoeopathy in the management of tonsillitis is so well known that it is seen that most ENT specialists also refer the cases of recurrent tonsillitis to a homoeopathic physician for treatment rather than advice them to go for surgery.

The tonsils are fleshy pieces of lymphatic tissue that rest in the back of the throat above and below the tongue. As part of the immune system, the tonsils help fight infections.  As part of the immune system, the tonsils fight infection; they are first line of defense in the throat, and when they are doing their job fighting infections, you get a sore throat. The tonsils usually swell a bit and get red when that’s happening. Thus tonsils have an important role to play in fighting infections and keeping the human body free of diseases. So if these tonsils are removed through surgery human body becomes more prone to such infections such as bacterial and viral.

Knowing this fact an intelligent physician would never advice a patient to undergo tonsillectomy and would try to control the problem through conservative treatment. Antibiotics are the only option available to an allopathic physician, which just help in controlling the problem present at a particular time but neither do they prevent recurrences and nor provide immunity. Therefore, homoeopathy makes the best choice of treatment for tonsillitis as it has over the years proven to be an effective mode of treatment for tonsillitis, which not only alleviates the symptoms but also improves immunity and prevents recurrences. This issue of Homoeopathy for All focuses on tonsillitis and its management with homoeopathy.

Thanking you
Dr. Nidhi Luthra



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