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Homoeopathy For All - November 2001 issue


Gene therapy and homoeopathy
The potentised homoeopathic drugs possibly act through regulation of expression of certain genes controlling key metabolic activities as well as by triggering body's own defence and repair mechanisms. With recent experiments and researches, it can be said that homoeopathy has more closeness to gene therapy than allopathy. Read about the relationship of homoeopathy with gene therapy.
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Skin Affections in Women down the Line
To the normal physiologic developments that take place in menarche, pregnancy, and menopause are added the stresses of combined family life and career. These in turn are exacerbated by longevity and the cultural norms against aging, which have given rise to esthetic interventions that offer options as well as pose new threats. This review surveys dermatologic diseases of women throughout the life cycle, from infancy and childhood through the childbearing years to menopause and old age.
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Drug Review
A detailed and simplified review of the homoeopathic drug, Causticum
>> Page 39

Your Child and His Teeth
Although the responsibility for a child's oral health rests with the parents, child care providers play an important role in maintaining the oral health of children in child care settings. Knowing a few basic oral health guidelines can greatly help a child care provider's ability to do so.
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Geriatrics: Hypothermia in the Elderly
Cooling of the body's deep organs and tissues to below 350C medically known as hypothermia is a dangerous condition needing emergency first aid and medical treatment.
>> Page 37

Healthy Eating
The reversal diet for coronary artery disease.
>> Page 46

Book Review
Allopathy is generally condemned for its potent doses and crucial side effects. Dr. Madan brings this torrent on a relative plane and successfully brings out the difference between homoeopathy and allopathy in his book, ‘Homoeopathy cures where Allopathy fails’. The book should be counted as a marvel on homoeopathy.
>> Page 49

Biochemic System
Diabetes is a disease in which the body cannot make proper use of carbohydrates because of inadequate production of insulin. The best method of coping with diabetes is exercise and diet control. The more you resort to natural means of healing, the better it will be. Biochemic treatment for diabetes aims at supplying the deficient nutrients to the body due to which the disease develops. Here, we give the biochemic treatment for diabetes.
>> Page 41

The homoeopathic fraternity prepares for Anthrax, 11th National Homoeopathic Conference to be held in January 2002 being organised by the Research Society of Homoeopathy, India.
>> Page 43

Interact: Guess the right remedy and crisscross
We got an overwhelming response for the October 2001 quiz from our readers and are thankful for the same. We hope our readers will continue to take interest in our quiz section.
>> Page 52

A learning experience for Scorpions this month and an advancement in career for the Librans, this month.
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Back Page by Dr. P.N. Varma
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