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Homoeopathy For All - December 2001 issue


Know your Children the Homoeopathic Way
Children are often easier to prescribe homoeopathically than adults, because they exhibit very close remedy states. Therefore, it is reasonably easy to select the right remedy for children. For homoeopathic treatment of children it is important to find out a child's constitution as it will tell you what the child's susceptibilities are. Learning the child's constitution will help you know a child's weakest parts of the body.
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The Problems a Woman Can’t Talk About
Women may suffer from many s*x**l dysfunctions which they normally do not seek treatment for and find it difficult to talk about. Problems like anorgasmia, vaginismus, dyspareunia, and lack of s*x**l desire are fairly common. Let us find out now homoeopathy can help a woman relieve her of these problems. Here are also given certain self help techniques for women to cope up with these problems.
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Geriatrics: Cardiac Diseases in the Elderly
Heart disease has an increasing incidence in our country. Deaths due to cardiac problem are fairly large in number. Cardiovascular disease is most common in the elderly and effects 50% of those over the age of 65 years. Here, we give the ways of prevention and control of heart disease in the elderly.
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Visit Arogya 2001
Arogya 2001 being organised from December 15 to 18, 2001 is the first fair of its kind beng organised by ITPO and Department of Indian Systems of Medicine & Homoeopathy for the promotion of Indian systems of medicine and homoeopathy.
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Pioneering through Research
With its pioneering vision, Dr. Wellmans Homoeopathic Laboratory has ensures the availability of new formulations that are effective in curing common ailments and has over the years strived to set new standards of quality control in production of homoeopathic medicines.
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Manufacturing with Care
Over 30 years of servicing the people in the brand name and style of HAPDCO, Hahnemann Pure Drug Company manufactures pure, genuine, and standard homoeopathic products. All the products of HAPDCO have gained a wide spread popularity enjoying the patronage of vast sector of practitioners.
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Freedom from Disease-Freedom from Allergy
Allergy is an abnormal and individual hypersensitivity to substances that are ordinarily harmless and which results in various types of reactions. For example, the pollen of plants is generally harmless, yet many people are acutely sensitive to its presence in the atmosphere leading to sneezing, hay fever, asthma etc.
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Bach Flower Remedies
The Bach system consists of essences made from 38 different flowers. Each remedy has a specific action upon a certain mental attitude. This way there is a remedy or combination of remedies for any kind of mental disorder.
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Book Review
Yoga can become a metaphor for your life. You will feel more complete a whole being, rather than just a body with a mind. No therapy, exercise or other art from can fill your spiritual cup to overflowing as Yoga will do. Rachel Schaeffer in her book relates the changes that she experienced awhile she was training to become a yoga teacher. Yoga for your Spiritual Muscles is a classic book that you can return to time and time again at any stage in your life.
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Breakthrough Herbal Dietary Supplements
It is a universaly sceepted tact that conventional medication i.e. allopathic medicines, have various side-effects. Here is a company which is bringing breakthrough alternative medication for treatment and cure of hitherto incurable diseases.
>> Page 47

Interact: Guess the right remedy and crisscross
We got an overwhelming response for the November 2001 quiz from our readers and are thankful for the same. We hope our readers will continue to take interest in our quiz section.
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A short trip for the Piscenans this month and a desire for a vacation in Cancerians.
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Back Page by Dr. P.N. Varma
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