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Homoeopathy For All - March 2002 issue


Cover Story
As might be expected of a group of plants that have provided a wealth of beneficial products, which have significantly enhanced the quality of life of human societies world-wide, conifers have played an important role in human culture. They have been the subjects of folklore and mythology. Besides this, pines have also served to give us many medicinal benefits.
>> Page 36

Modern Homoeopathy Medicine
Modern homoeopathy sees the introduction of homoeopathic combinations as an effective supplement to single remedies...
>> Page 21

Natural measures to get rid of indigestion
Mother Nature, the true alchemist, can provide the treasures of her plant kingdom to neutralize acidity gently, safely, and effectively.
>> Page 15

Women and Homoeopathy
Homoeopathy has proved to be an effective health care system for treating and preventing many ailments. Women and children can benefit from this therapy, the most. Here is the homoeopathic treatment of a common infection in women, cervicitis.
>> Page 18

Dermatological disorders in the elderly As other parts of the body age, so does the skin making it more prone to many ailments. See, what you can do to protect your skin.
>> Page 29

Drug Review
Here is a short synopsis of the drug, Apis mellifica, a remedy made from honey bee.
>> Page 31

My Experience with Homoeopathy
Homoeopathy has performed a number of miraculour cures. This column on ‘My experience with homoeopathy’ has been started with an aim to make the world aware of these wonderous performances with homoeopathic medicines. Mr. R.N. Sathya Narayana Rao relates his experience with homoeopathic medicines below. You can also share your experiences with us and the world over...
>> Page 33

What is HIV ? What is AIDS?
Know about what causes AIDS and how can you prevent it...
>> Page 44

Domestic Waste Management for a Healthy World
Our domestic waste, once out of our doorstep, we leave its management to the ingenuity of the who so ever it may concern. Small efforts from all of us may help in the proper disposal of waste and in turn save our environment.
>> Page 46

Relationship of Remedies
How important is the relationship between homoeopathic remedies in a homoeopathic prescription? Are we giving enough stress upon this much vital aspect of homoeopathic prescription?
>> Page 48

Mrs. Malti Sinha (IAS) has been appointed the new Secretary, Department of ISM and Homoeopathy and Dr. Ravi Nair is the Advisor (Homoeopathy), Dept. of ISM&H, Govt. of India.
>> Page 50

Book Review
Explore the world of books for knowledge on homoeopathy, ayurveda, Reiki, gemstone therapy, chakra healing and various other therapies...
>> Page 55

Product Watch
Mac Repertory, one of the best homoeopathic software available for homoeopaths
>> Page 58

Back Page
Do we fail to realise the importance of GMP in the manufacturing of homoeopathic medicines?
>> Page 66



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