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Homoeopathy For All - June 2002 issue


Allergic rhinitis and homoeopathy
Over recent years there has been a rise in the amount of people suffering from rhinitis. Perhaps one factor is an increase in air pollution or perhaps we have become more susceptible to allergens as our stressful modern lifestyles and toxicity from processed foods undermine our resilience.
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Environmental Pollution and Role of Homoeopaths by Prof. Dr. Diwan Harish Chand
Environmental pollution has led to many health hazards for us human beings. Most of these diseases caused by pollution are dangerous. What can we homoeopaths do as a part of medical care system to prevent and treat these ailments caused by pollution. Prof. Dr. Diwan Harish Chand, world’s famous homoeopath in his paper on ‘Environmental pollution and Role of Homoeopaths’, gives the description, causes of various types of pollution and the role that homoeopathy can play in preventing disorders caused due to this pollution.
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Worm Composting for Clean and Safe Environment
Worm composting is a way to recycle organic waste into good manure by the help of red worms. Worm composting is a simple, cheap and fascinating way to help the society in remaining free of rotting garbage. The author, Neelam Misra is a biologist and is an ardent advocate of nature conservation. Currently she is endeavouring to spread awareness about Worm Composting.
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Women and Homoeopathy: Symptoms suggesting gynaecological disorders and homoeopathy
The article here is written with an attempt to create awareness among women so that they pay prompt attention to the commencement of a problem and get an early medical help.
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An interview with Dr. A.S. Naraynan, partner, Bangalore Bioplasgens, an upcoming unit in the South of India
What are the problems that the medium and small scale homoeopathic manufacturing units face? To get an overview of the views of these units, we spoke to Dr. A.S. Naraynan, partner of an upcoming unit in the South of India, Bangalore Bioplasgens.
>> Page 38

Homoeopathy for Children
Preventives and prophylactics in homoeopathy for children. Does homoeopathy have anything to offer in prevention of diseases? History suggests that Hahnemann used medicines with great success in treating epidemics of diseases such as scarlet fever and plague. Homoeopathy can prove to be an effective prophylactic treatment for many diseases even for children.
>> Page 42

Chemo-Pharmacological Profile of Digitalis Purpurea Q and Arnica Montana Q for Thromboembolic Activities-An Experimental Approach
Here is a report of the study conducted at HDRI, Lucknow to study the effect of Digitalis purpurea Q and Arnica montana Q for their thromboembolic activities.
>> Page 44

Man of Today and his Environment
Constant exposure to the pollutants is like adding fuel to the fire. Keeping the patient away from the suspected allergen/pollutants helps, but for how long and most of the times it is not even possible to identify the causative agent.
>> Page 48

Product Watch
A review of the products of various companies in use for various conditions
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Caught Between two Necessities
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