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Homoeopathy For All - July 2002 issue


Panoramic View of Homoeopathic Education in India.
What is the number of homoeopathic colleges in India? The panoramic view of homoeopathic education in India gives a comprehensive list of the various colleges all over the country with the course that they offer, their addresses and contact numbers.
>> Page 27

Status of Homoeopathic Education in India. What is the status of homoeopathic education in India?
This write-up provided by the Department of ISM & Homoeopathy, Minsitry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India gives the detailed account of the status of homoeopathic education in India. The endeavour of the Government to promote different systems of medicines based on their individual strength is to offer a wider spectrum of treatment of choice to the public.
>> Page 17

An interview with Mr. Bodo rasler, Managing Director, Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd, India.
Homoeopaths in India have used Schwabe formulations for over a hundred years. It was therefore natural that, Schwabe decided to come to India and establish a plant here. Mr. Bodo Rasler is the Managing Director of Schwabe India. Here is an exclusive interview with him.
>> Page 21

Scope of Homoeopathic Education and Job Opportunities
An article by Dr. R.K. Manchanda, Deputy Director, Homoeopathy, Directorate of ISM and Homoeopathy, Delhi.
>> Page 72

Need of the Day
The advent of IT has provided a bright new star on the Homoeopathic Horizon. The technology provided by IT has revolutionized the concept and practice of homoeopathy.
>> Page 76

Revolution in Medicine through Herbal Supplements
What could be better than a food supplement for treating disorders such as Diabetes, Cholesterol, Hypertension and Cancer - these supplements are made completely from herbal ingredients and have both curative and preventive elements in them.
>> Page 78

Energy Education - Immense Conservation Potential
Energy management education and training can be conceived as having important long term and short term goals. There appears to be a need for energy education today. Though energy conservation is being increasingly recognized as an alternate source of energy in India, however there has been a neglect on the energy education in the absence of the curricula in the syllabus in school and colleges at various standards.
>> Page 88



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