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Homoeopathy For All - October 2002 issue


Hypothyroidism And Homoeopathy
Thyroid related disorders are complicated in nature producing a varied set of symptoms pertaining to the whole body. Dr. Shiv Dua’s explicit description of the topic gives an insight into this complicated disorder of the endocrine system.
>> Page 16

Arsenic Poisoning
Research has established that homoeopathic medicine, Arsenic album has a curative action in treating cases of arsenic poisoning-the slow poisoning.
>> Page 21

Drug Review
Review of homoeopathic remedy-Kreosote. Kreosote is a remedy that is frequently used for menstrual troubles, teeth and gum problems, bed-wetting in children when the three chracteristic symptoms stand out, which are - acridity, putridity and offensiveness.
>> Page 26

Are Mother Tinctures Homoeopathic?
Dr. Hahnemann says that diseases can not be removed by any other means than by a spirit-like dynamic - which is nothing else than a potentized homoeopathic remedy only. So, are mother tinctures homoeopathic medicines?
>> Page 27

Consumer Awareness Campaign By Schwabe India
A campaign was initiated by Scwabe India to create awareness on homoeopathy by distributing inserts giving information on homoeopathy with the daily newspapers.
>> Page 28

A Small Guide To Homoeopathic Remedies
Here we guve a small reference guide to homoeopathic remedies taken from Boricke and Taflle’s family guide booklet. These remedies can be a part of a homoeopathic home kit.
>> Page 32

Homoeopathy, The Complete Non-Surgical Medicine
The advantages of homoeopathy are many. It is just that people fail to recognise them.
>> Page 37

Healing Naturally
The recuperative and healing properties of hydrotherapy, a form of naturopathy are based on its mechanical and thermal effects. It exploits the body's reactions to hot and cold stimuli, to the protracted application of heat, to pressure exerted by the water and to the sensation it gives.
>> Page 39

News And Current Events In The World Of Homoeopathy
>> Page 42

Common Respiratory Tract Infections
Respiratory tract infections are a serious health concern that should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, there are effective medications available that can help you take control of your respiratory health.
>> Page 45

Book Review
Explore the world of books for knowledge on homoeopathy, ayurveda, Reiki, gemstone therapy, chakra healing and various other therapies...
>> Page 48

Back Page
The curative role of diet is better understood by the physicians of the Indian systems of medicine, including homoeopathy, says, Dr. P.N. Varma.
>> Page 58

Letters To The Editor >> Page 12
Readers Queries. Answer to readers queries by Dr. R.K. Manchanda. >> Page 14
Homoeopathic Crisscross And Guess The Right Remedy >> Page 52
Laugh Your Way To Better Health >> Page 56
Monthly Forecast >> Page 57



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