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Homoeopathy For All - April 2003 issue


Homoeopathy for Regular Bowel Movements
Regular bowel movements are necessary for maintaining good health. Constipation is a very common digestive problem, which affects almost everyone at sometime or the other. Homoeopathy has a treasure of medicines to offer for getting rid of this irritating and embarrassing problem.
>> Page 15

The Life And Works Of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann-A Tribute
On April 10, 1755 was born the father of homoeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the man who gave this great art of healing to humanity. We dedicate this section to Dr. Hahnemann to celebrate his birth anniversary.
>> Page 22

Home Remedies For Some Common Children Ailments
Children keep suffering from minor ailments off and on. It is useful to know some traditional household recipes for the treatment of such minor complaints of children. This article gives a few remedies that can be made at home to protect your child. A few homoeopathic remedies for these conditions are also mentioned here.
>> Page 27

Enjoy Your Work With The Aid Of Biochemic Remedies
Work in our life is a sort of journey where happiness is to be found along the way. Let us always remember “the time of happiness is today, not tomorrow”. A small write-up on how to enjoy your work and how o cope with work-related disorders.
>> Page 31

Vital Force-Where Is It’s Source?
The author high lights the need for elaboration of disease effect on spiritual plane on scientific basis through research.
>> Page 34

Ultrasonographic Follow-Up of ovarian Cyst Cases in response to homoeopathic treatment
A clinical study. The present study conducted by Gaurang Clinic and Centre for Homoeopathic Research on patients suffering from ovarian cysts is very encouraging for homoeopathic physicians as well as the patients suffering from ovarian cysts as it reveals that homoeopathic medicines are capable of treating patients suffering from this disorder, avoiding surgical intervention. The clinical study is supported by proper evidence through ultrsonographical evaluation.
>> Page 39

Book Review
Review of latest books on homoeopathy and other alternative systems of medicine.
>> Page 47

Students Forum
Medical education is one of the most difficult as the medical field is vast and it requires a lot of patience and sincerity from the side of the students as well as the teachers to learn and teach the science. In an effort to elucidate the medical subjects for our students, we have started this section so that learning is much more easy and much more fun.
>> Page 50

My Experience With Homoeopathy
Homoeopathy has performed a number of miraculour cures. This column on ‘My experience with homoeopathy’ has been started with an aim to make the world aware of these wonderous performances with homoeopathic medicines.
>> Page 56

Back Page
New generation of homoeopathic medicines.
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Readers Queries: Answers By Dr. R.K. Manchanda >> Page 13
Letters To The Editor >> Page 12
News Watch >> Page 36
Homoeopathic Crisscross And Guess The Right Remedy >> Page 54
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