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Homoeopathy For All - July 2003 issue


Br**st Care For Women
To produce milk following childbirth is the primary function of a woman’s br**sts, which provides the sole and initial nourishment for a child. Like every other part of the body, br**sts are subject to various types of treatable problems. Here is an article that gives you an insight into br**st care and the common conditions that can affect your br**st.
>> Page 15

Health Hazards Due To Air Pollution
The incidence of respiratory disorders is on the rise - be it asthma, be it bronchitis or any other the major cause being the increasing pollution. Awareness needs to be spread on the various hazards that the increasing pollution can cause so that we in our own way can make efforts to reduce it as much as possible.
>> Page 21

Aids - An Overview
AIDS-An overview is an effort by the author to provide the basic information about this syndrome.
>> Page 24

Fightind Pain With Homoeopathy
From backaches to abdominal pain, headaches to joint pains, homoeopathy has a garner of medicines to relive pain of all types. Here is an information about the few of these ailments causing pain with the homoeopathic relief.
>> Page 26

An Institute- Solan Homoeopathic Medical College
Working with a vision of providing Health for All, Solan Homoeopathic Medical College has endeavoured to create an environment of better health by offering clinical facilities in a way never done before.
>> Page 32

What Is Anaemia?
Anaemia is a common but the least idenfified disorder because in early cases the symptoms are mild and it is common for people to ignore these symptoms. The author gives an outline of disorder with the treatment options available for it.
>> Page 35

The Deal
“The Deal” is a story by Dr. Shiv Dua with three main characters Anil, Akhilesh and NIdhi. You can guess the remedy for the three characters by going through the symptom picture of each one given in the story.
>> Page 38

Homoeopathy Has An Answer To Emergencies
The author gives true case studies of patients suffering from acute ailments who responded to and got cured with homoeopathic medicines.
>> Page 41

The Food Pharmacy
For thousands of years, food has been regarded as potent medicine. Various types of food provide known and unknown substances vital to health. Banana, a commonly eaten fruit is therpaeutic for various kinds of ailments.
>> Page 43

Do You Need To Lose Weight?
Obesity is common problem and is becoming a reason of distress for many people despite the growing health consciousness. Besides being a major risk factor for many health problems, obesity can also have psychological effects. Hence people often tend to try out various methods and treatments in their attempt to reduce weight. such as Weight Reduction centres, Drugs suppressing appetite and extreme diet restrictions. Homoeopathy offers you safer alteratives to the above methods, for losing and controlling weight. Know, when you need to lose weight.
>> Page 48

Back Page
Dr. P.N. Varma writes on the homoe- opathic treatment for diseases such as cancer, asthma etc.
>> Page 58

Readers Queries: Answers By Dr. R.K. Manchanda >> Page 13
Letters To The Editor >> Page 12
News Watch >> Page 42
Homoeopathic Crisscross And Guess The Right Remedy >> Page 52
Monthly Forecast >> Page 57
Students Forum >> Pag 50
Book Review >> Pag 54



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