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Homoeopathy For All - August 2003 issue


Common Eye Disorders And Homoeopathy
You hardly see patients suffering from eye disorders visiting a homoeopathic doctor for they have a doubt regarding the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines in treating these eye disorders. In an attempt to make people aware of the fact that homoeopathic medicines do offer a treasury of medicines for common eye disorders, we present this article. The objective of this article is to provide insight into some common conditions of eyes by examining their causes, symptoms, prevention and homoeopathic treatment.
>> Page 13

Combat Osteoporosis
The incidence of osteoporosis is on the rise all over the world. Here is an effort to educate people on the ways to combat osteoporosis through diet and exercise.
>> Page 20

Diabetes And Homoeopathy
Diabetes is a disease, in which the blood sugar levels rise in the body. Homoeopathic treatment may prove to be of help for diabetics along with changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise.
>> Page 23

Lost Energies In Children - A Cause For Concern
Tiredness in children can be a cause for concern for parents if they see their child persistently tired. Proper evaluation of the cause is important. Homoeopathic treatment helps to restore the lost energies of children.
>> Page 27

The Remedy For Acne - Berberis Aquefolium
The remedy best known in homoeopathy to cure acne or pimples is Berberis aquefolium. Be it the troublesome pimples or the ugly scars, Berberis aquefolium treats it all. Here is an outline of this remedy - Berberis aquefolium and all about acne that you would want to know.
>> Page 30

An exclusive interview with Kuldeep Jain of B. Jain Publishers
>> Page 35

Homoeopathy - Scientifically Explaineda
Homoeopathic medicines act a genetic level. The author, Dr. Vithal has tried to explain how a link between genetics and homoeopaty can be established.
>> Page 39

Radio And Sure Cure For Single Organ Disease
An experimental approach try Dr. Shiv Dua.
>> Page 43



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