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Homoeopathy For All - October 2003 issue


Common Ear Conditions and What to do About Them
Ear has one of the vital functions to perform, that of hearing. Any infection or injury on disorder of the ear may affect your hearing utmost care of your ear is important and proper management of any ear disorder should be done.
>> Page 14

Know Your Ear
Ear is an organ of hearing, which enables us to hear sounds in an extraordinary manner. Understanding, how our ear works and how does sound travel in the ear would be interesting. The author has explained the structure and working of ear, with the clinical aspects of the same, in the article presented below.
>> Page 21

The Remedy that is Gold - Aurum Metallicum
Gold is not just ornamental, it gives a very useful homoeopathic remedy too, which works as a wonder medicine for many ailments, especially psychiatric and bone diseases.
>> Page 24

Biochemic System. According to the theory of biochemistry, health is dependent upon the quantity and equalisation of organic and inorganic constituents in the body. The body is merely a collection of cells, each cell being composed of organic and inorganic matter. But it is the presence of inorganic matter, which, unites with and activates the organic element to function in a normal manner.
>> Page 26

Specially Formulated Homeopathic Tonics for Diabetics and Children
Schwabe India introduces Alfalfa Tonic Diabetic and Alfalfa Tonic Paediatrics.Schwabe India, the world leader in homoeopathic solutions, has launched specially formulated tonics for diabetics and kids under its existing brand Alfalfa Tonic.
>> Page 27

Oral Rehydration in Diarrhoeal Diseases
ORS is the most important discovery of 20th century. It has been a very effective treatment for dehydration, thereby saving many a human lives.
>> Page 28

Arogya 2003 - A Grand Success
Arogya 2003, a jointly organised health fair by the Department of Indian systems of medicine and Homoeopathy, Govt. of India and India Trade Promotion Organisation like every year was a grand success with a number of visitors visiting the fair.
>> Page 32

Bears, Boars And Hyenas
Here is a short story by Dr. Shiv Dua. Try and guess the homoeopathic remedies for the two main characters of the story.
>> Page 35

Anthroposophical Medical Concepts
International Postgraduate Medical Training is a part of a world-wide training in Anthroposophical medicine conducted by the medical section of the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland. The training provides an insight into Anthroposophical medicine and seeks to find a common language in addressing the issue of health and illness from different medical perspectives.
>> Page 38

Fragrant Healing
Aromatherapy is one of those rare forms of treatment that can improve your quality of life by serving as a comforting ritual to reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and relieve anxiety. If relieves psychosomatic symptoms, and alleviates some emotional disorders.
>> Page 41

Medicare India 2004 - A Health fair
Medicare India 2004, scheduled to be held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi during April 6-8, 2004 would be covering three prominent sectors of the Medical Industry-Healthcare, Dentistry and Laboratory. It is for the first time that such a major international event is being organised in the country with a special focus on these sectors.
>> Page 44

Homoeopathic Concepts of Disease
The author in this article explains a few homoeopathic concepts of diseases with illustrations.
>> Page 46

Back Page
Pondering views by Dr. P.N. Varma on Health Management.
>> Page 58

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