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Homoeopathy For All - December 2003 issue


Disorders In Nose
Common ailments ranging from common cold and flu to hay fever and sinusitis produce symptoms pertaining to our nose. These symptoms range from running or a stuffy nose to post nasal drip or nasal bleeding. These symptoms can be a nuisance and can hamper the quality of a life of a person. A brief overview on why these symptoms appear and what should be done to improve them is what is given in this article.
>> Page 15

Clinical Anatomy Of Nose
A brief overview of structure and function of nose with few clinical aspects
>> Page 21

Use Of Biochemic Medicines With Homoeopathic Medicines
The author discusses the integrated approach to treatment of using biochemic medicines in combination with homoeopathic medicines and the effectiveness of the same in promoting cure.
>> Page 22

Common Injuries And Homoeopathy
Traumatic injuries occur suddenly, are usually the result of impact and collisions, or are associated with large forces generated by muscles. Homoeopathy has proved successful in treating many minor injuries and relieving the pain in major ones.
>> Page 25

Pimples On Your Face-Some Myths And Facts
Acne or pimples is a problem, commonly faced by youngsters, making it a nuisance for them. Clear your myths about this persistent problem.
>> Page 27

Burns And Their Treatment
Minor burns and scalds can be treated with homoeopathic medicines. Serious burns need hospitalisation but use of homoeopathic medicine along side can hasten healing
>> Page 30

The Bane Of Cervical Spondylosis
All emotional and physical stresses put a lot of weight on one’s mind which affects one’s neck and manifests itself with symptoms such as pain, stiffness and immobility of the neck. And one does not pay much attention to the neck until it hurts and hurts severely. Beware of the neck pain and rectify your living habits before you get cervical spondylosis, a degenerative condition of the bones of the neck.
>> Page 32

Fungal Infections And Homoeopathy
Prevention is better than cure. It holds specially true for fungal infections as even dermatologists point out. An already set in fungal infection can be effectively treated with homoeopathic medicines. Application of topical ointments should be discouraged as much as possible.
>> Page 34

Fibroadenoma Of Br**st
A Sonomammography Supported Clinical Study on the Effect of Homoeopathic Drugs. The present study conducted by Gaurang Clinic and Centre for Homoeopathic Research on patients suffering from Fibroadenoma of Br**st is very encouraging for homoeopathic physicians as well as the patients suffering from this problem as it reveals that homoeopathic medicines are capable of treating patients suffering from it, avoiding surgical intervention. The clinical study is supported by proper evidence through ultrasonographical evaluation.
>> Page 37

Amazing Facts
Homoeopathy from its discovery has many an amazing facts, which do not cease to surprise. Read these fascinating facts about homoeopathy working, history and others.
>> Page 48

Aloe Vera
This medicinal plant dates back 6,000 years, and has been in use for all that time. The article is on the medicinal uses of this plant - Aloe vera.
>> Page 51

Back Page
Pondering views by Dr. P.N. Varma on mental problems and benefits of homoeopathy.
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Readers Queries: Answers By Dr. R.K. Manchanda >> Page 13
Letters To The Editor >> Page 12
Homoeopathic Crisscross And Guess The Right Remedy >> Page 54
Monthly Forecast >> Page 57
Book Review >> Pag 52



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