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Homoeopathy For All - March 2004 issue

Caring For The Sick Child
In the last month’s issue, we dealt with ailments of newborn babies. This article focuses on the common ailments of children more than one year of age. This brief guide enlists symptoms that can enable you to detect minor illnesses in your child. Here we also give an information about how you can help your child and when you need to call a doctor
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Broken Hearts
This article deals with a common problem faced by the adolescents and young adults. Parents fail to accept the fact that the children of this age do suffer from traumatic feeling of broken hearts at the adolescent age. This article is an effort to help the parents as well as the young children to help themselves out of a difficult situation that can have long term effects on their psychology.
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Fighting Infections And Homoeoprophylaxis
Fighting infectious diseases today is much easier than in the past. With proper hygiene and proper precautions, in addition to numerous vaccines and rapidly advancing medical technology, people are better equipped than ever to avoid getting sick.
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Sleep Disorders In Children
Sleep is an important aspect of every child’s life. Thus it is very important that children have a good sleep. Sleep in pediatric population, differs in many important ways from sleep in adults. In addition, the development of sleep and its concomitant clinical disorders varies greatly from infants to older children to adolescents. Here, the author presents a few of the sleep disorders in children.
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Know Your Child
Ayurvedic medicine is based upon constitutional analysis and evaluation of disease. The author discusses here, how you can recognize the prevalent humor in your child and plan his diet and lifestyle accordingly.
>> Page 50

Respiratory Ailments In Children
Homoeopathy has been the most effective and safest mode of treatment for various ailments of children. It has been considered of much use for the treatment of little new born, neonate, infants and children. Bakson’s has been offering treatment for various children ailments with profound results. The article here, compiled by “Bakson’s Homoeopathic Research Foundation” deals with the common problems of children with their homoeopathic treatment, one by one with a few case studies of children who were treated at Baksons.
>> Page 43

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Pondering views by Dr. P.N. Varma on what can be done to develop homoeopathy.
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