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Homoeopathy For All - October 2004 issue


Beautiful the Homoeopathic way
Homoeopathy is well known in its efficacy to treat skin problems. Homoeopathy has profound effect on treating skin disorders and ridding you of the scars and blemishes caused due to the same.
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Relief from post operative pain
According to a most recent study conducted at the Escorts Heart Institute and research centre by a team of doctors to assess the efficacy of homoeopathic drugs in post operative pain management the results were encouraging and the medicines gave relief in many number of cases.
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The Schwabe Heritage. Schwabe remedies have a long
tradition in India. Homoeopaths in India have used and continue to use Schwabe medicines and formulations based on their deep faith in the quality of its medicines.
>> Page 26

Painful disorders and homoeopathy
Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common cause of pain. Understanding the cause and prevention methods can help you manage such painful conditions.
>> Page 33

Musculoskeletal Problems - Correct Management
Musculoskeletal disorder are one of the most common complaints. Timely treatment often prevents escalation of the problem. Homoeopathy offers the best solution as a preventive measure as well as relief.
>> Page 40

Arthritis and Homoeopathic Cure
Arthritis is a wrongly used term by people to denote any kind of pain in the body. What is arthritis and how can homoeopathic medicines help in its management is what the author highlights in the article.
>> Page 43

Ferrum Phosphoricum: The Iron Tonic
Biochemic system medicine is a system of medicine that works on the law of deficiency. It is a safe system of healing. We are introducing a section on biochemic system in which each biochemic will be discussed in detail. Ferrum phosphoricum is one of the twelve tissue salts identified by Dr. Wilhelm Schussler. The efficacy of Ferrum phos in case of fever and anaemic conditions is well known.
>> Page 45

Few Unique Cases
Following cases have bean treated by the author with homoeopathic
medicines prescribed on certain unique symptoms.
>> Page 51

Back Page
Pondering views by Dr. P.N. Varma
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