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Homoeopathy For All - June 2005 issue


The Agony of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cure with Homoeopathy
The pain that rheumatoid arthritis causes is immense which the patients suffering from this agonising discase can only feel. Homoeopathy offers remedies for relief from the pain caused by this disease.
>> Page 13

20 Point - Programme for Standardizing Homoeopathic Education
This article by Dr. Ravi M. Nair, Ex Advisor (Homoeopathy) to Govt. of India is written with a hope that it will evince earnest enthisiam in the minds of homoeopathic fraternity to delve deep into the issue of standardising homoeopathic education and sincere effort would be made to do the needful.
>> Page 16

Hurdles or Difficulties in Homoeopathic Education
Dr. (Mrs.) Annupama Panjwani
>> Page 19

M.D. Homoeopathy Courses A Review
Dr. S. M. Desarda, Principle of M.L.D. Homoeopathic College
>> Page 21

Magnesia Phosphorica: The Antispasmodic Remedy
Magnesia phosphorica is a superb antispasmodic remedy. It is probably the most frequently indicated remedy for menstrual and abdominal cramps.
>> Page 69

A Comprehensive List of Homoeopathic Educational Institutions in India
The comprehensive status of Homoeopathic Education in India gives a exhaustive list of the various colleges all over the country with the course that they offer, their addresses and contact numbers.
>> Page 80

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Pondering views by Dr. P.N. Varma
>> Page 92



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