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Homoeopathy For All - August 2005 issue


Superiority of Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures
Homoeopathic mother tinctures are much superior from medicinal extracts prepared in other systems of medicine. Dr. P. N. Varma, renowned homoeopathic scientist discusses scientifically the superiority of homoeopathic mother tinctures.
>> Page 15

All you Wanted to know about Mother Tinctures
Mother tinctures in homoeopathy are being used extensively for various treatments. The article here presents the manufacturing of mother tinctures form various sources and how they are prescribed.
>> Page 17

Effectiveness of Constitutional Approach in a case of Chronic Sinusitis
A case study of a patient suffering from sinusitis, who was cured with homoeopathy.
>> Page 25

Scientists believe that influenza pandemic is impending with not enough vaccines going to be available for the same. Here the role of homoeopathic medicines in controlling and preventing infuenza becomes important.
>> Page 28

Natrum Phosphoricum
Natrum phosphoricum is another tissue or biochemic salt whose deficiency in the body retards digestion. Natrum phosphoricum forms an excellent remedy for abdominal complaints accompanied with the characteristic features.
>> Page 35

Biochemic Mixtures
Various biochemics are used in combination for treating various ailments.
>> Page 38

Short Takes for Physicians
Homoeopathic system of medicine is vast with unlimited scope for study, discussion and research. Homoeopathic fraternity fails to be able to discuss their cases or their experiences because of a lack of common platform. Homoeopaths are also unable to lay their hands on recent research and developments in homoeopathy. With a view to provide a platform to all homoeopaths-towards learning and discussion, we have initiated this column for the doctors. We invite all the homoeopaths to share whatever they want to through this column.
>> Page 41

The Spicey Healing in Homoeopathy
Spices have been known for their medicinal value. These spices have also been proved in homoeopathy as medicines and have proved to be of immense iramense therapeutic value. The author enlists the uses of some of the spices- culinary, traditional medicine & as homoeopathic medicine.
>> Page 45

POISONS: "Not only killing agents but also healing agents"
Historical evidence showed that many poisonous substances have been used to cure various disorders. Hahnemann and many other homoeopaths also potentised certain poisonous substances for use as effective homoeopathic medicines.
>> Page 49

Integrated Medicine
Escorts heart institute has incorporated the best of different systems of medicine to provide optimum relief to the patients with remarkable results. The report below highlights the efficacy of homoeopathy in treating and managing various disorders. There is a report on a seminar conducted at Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center recently.
>> Page 51

Back Page
Pondering views by Dr. P.N. Varma.
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Letters To The Editor >> Page 14
Product Watch >> Page 44
Book Review >> Pag 58



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