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Homoeopathy For All - March 2007 issue


Allergies and Homoeopathy
Allergy is an abnormal reaction to certain substances, which affect your immune system. Understanding that it is important to strengthen the body’s defense systems to effectively combat allergies is important . Read all about the common allergies and ways to prevent them.
>> Page 23

The Contribution of Women to Homoeopathy Down the Ages
By Dr. Shivang Swaminarayan
This article is a tribute to the women who have contributed immensely to the development and popularity of Homoeopathy and what better a day for this tribute than the International Women’s Day which is observed every year on 8th March.
>> Page 12

Homoeopathy will emerge as most sought after treatment and not merely as an alternative:
By Dr. A S Narayanan
CEO, Bangalore Bio Plasgen
>> Page 15

Innovative Good Quality Products can Work Wonders:
By Mr. A. S. Srinath
Partner Bangalore Bio Plasgen
>> Page 19

Idiosyncrasy and Hay Fever
By Dr. R. Valavan
Homoeopathic treatment for hay fever, and allergic condition in both its acute phase and chronic condition.
>> Page 31

PSORA - “As the Parent of all Chronic Diseases”
By Dr. Pramod Kumar Pradhan
If you want to understand, Psora, the cause of all chronic diseases, read this...
>> Page 44

Making Sense of Respiratory Allergies
By Dr. Rachna K Singh
Allergies remain one of modern medical science’s more frustrating enigmas. But as awareness grows about the impact of lifestyle modifications on health and the efficacy of alternative systems in allergic conditions, it looks plausible that patients will be able to look forward to a healthier life thanks to these modalities.
>> Page 49

Homoeopathy and Asthma - A Cure not Palliaton
By Dr. Mrs B. S. Suvarna
Asthma is undoubtedly our of the most annoying illnesses to suffer form and also to cure. Homoeopathy has a cure for this frustrating problem. Try it!
>> Page 53

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