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Homoeopathy For All - September 2008 issue


Mother Child and Homoeopathy
Compiled by: Dr. Mudita Arora & Dr. Ritu Ahuja
All pregnant women hope to give birth safely to a baby that is alive and well and to see it grow up in good health. But some clinical conditions encountered during pregnancy like anaemia, nausea and vomiting, gestational diabetes, hypertension, stress etc, can affect not only the maternal health but can cause birth defects in the foetus as well. Some of the important conditions to be looked after during gestation to prevent maternal and foetal complications are as follows:
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Caring for the Nursing Mother Homoeopathically
By Dr. R. Valavan
Solving the problems of the mother in harmless way is a support for the strong basement of the child’s health. Homoeopathy relieves the problems of the nursing mother in safe way. It is not only safe; it also takes care of the newborn’s troubles when administered to mother.
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Homoeopathy for Expectant Moms
By Dr. Nidhi Luthra
Homoeopathic prescribing prevents many complications in pregnancy, averts many malformations in the newborn and carries the patient through the menopause much comfortably than under any other form of treatment.
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Tender Cure for Mother and Child
By Dr. Ritika Hassija
Homoeopathic treatment enables a woman to welcome the special time of child birth and recover quickly.
>> Page 45

Women’s Health Problems and Homoeopathic Treatment
By Dr. (Mrs.) B.S.Suvarna
This article by the author presets a brief but at the same time explanatory description of common ailments that women suffer with their homoeopathic therapeutics.
>> Page 47

Homoeopathy for Health of Mother
By Dr. Gurudev Choubey
Homoeopathic remedies have shown excellent results in the treatment of many problems related to pregnancy as well as child birth and post child birth. Here the author has enlisted the therapeutics for many of such problems.
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