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Homoeopathy For All - January 2009 issue


Managing Sweet Disease with Sweet Pills
Compiled by: Dr. Mudita Arora & Dr. Ritu Ahuja
Amongst the lifestyle disorders Diabetes Mellitus has emerged as one of the biggest health problem faced by us. India has become the diabetes capital of the world. The article presents a comprehensive view on diabetes, its causes, symptoms, complications, management and most importantly the homoeopathic treatment of the disease.
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Rare Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures and Low Potencies for Diabetes Mellitus and their Scientific Basis
By Dr. R. Valavan
Some of the homoeopathic medicines like Syzygium jambolanum, Cephalandra indica are known for their hypoglycemic activity in the form of mother tincture and low potencies. But some of the others are not much known to homoeopaths for their hypoglycemic effect, the efficacy of which is established scientifically. For this purpose a review is made of extracts of drugs used. To widen the scope some other drugs for symptoms of diabetes distinctively mentioned in homoeopathic literature have also been picked. The purpose of this article is to throw a light on such rare mother tinctures with their scientific facts and proofs along with the ones that are already in practice.
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Preventing Progression to Diabetes
By Dr. Nidhi Luthra
Prediabetes is a condition between normal and diabetic stage. It can be considered a warning signal that you might develop diabetes. Prediabetes can take a long time to transform finally as diabetes. It has been generally observed that prediabetes will eventually convert to diabetes but, at the same time, there are greater possibilities to revert back to normal if, taken care seriously.
>> Page 27

Diet for Diabetes
By Neetu Misra
Diet is the best way to manage diabetes. Diabetics always need to take care of their diets and also about the food they eat. This article gives information on the diet that a diabetic patient should follow to keep their blood sugar levels under control.
>> Page 37

War against Worms
By Dr. Swapan Paul
Worm infestation being one of the common problems in children has been described from its practical point of view. The homoeopathic medicines which have been described here are very useful in clinical practice as evident from the case records of many homoeopathic stalwarts.
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