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Homoeopathy For All - July 2009 issue


Relieving aches and pains with homoeopathy
By Dr. Mudita Arora, Dr. Ruchi Singh, Dr. Bhawana, Bakson Homoeopathy Research Foundation
Aches and pains seem to be an inevitable part of life amidst the present day work schedules, in-built pressures, tensions and strained postures. These can arise due to specific reasons like injury, inflammation, muscle strain or have no apparent particular cause. If left unattended, soon they start affecting lifestyle and productivity.
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Open clinical trial to evaluate a group of useful homoeopathic medicines in simple and mucopurulent chronic bronchitis
By M. Prakash Rao, Jaya Gupta, Vikram Singh, Chaturbhuja Nayak
The WHO has identified homoeopathy as second mainly used system of medicine globally 3; for that reason the present study was undertaken to prove the effectiveness of a group of homoeopathic medicines in simple and mucopurulent chronic bronchitis.
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Importance of sensation, location, modality and concomitant in the pain management
By Dr. R. Valavan
More similimum a homoeopath finds the more success he can achieve. For finding the most similimum often peculiar and rare symptoms are helpful. When it comes to the pain management, it is more helpful to differentiate pain from drug to drug. Such peculiar pain symptoms are given in this article along with other individualistic factors.
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Pain is inevitable suffering is optional
By Dr. Swamp Dutta
Pain being recognized as a disease in itself, has given rise to different methods of treatment. Patients are willing to spend any amount of money to get relief from pain. Know what are the best ways to manage pain.
>> Page 42

Management of distress during climacteric years by homoeopathic therapy -an interim report of the ongoing open clinical trial
By Bindu Sharma, Jaya Gupta, Hari Singh, Vikram Singh, C. Nayak
This interim report based on the data of 54 patients reproves the usefulness of homoeopathic medicines in relieving distressing symptoms during climacteric years and normalizing the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and lipid levels, through a systematic study adopting scientific tools of medical research.
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