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Homoeopathy For All - November 2011 issue


India is the Super Hub of Homoeopathy – Homoeopathic Pharma Industry to Grab the Opportunity
By Dr. P. N. Varma & Dr. R. Valavan
This article provides information on the size and growth of the homoeopathic market in India, quality aspects of homoeopathic medicines, homoeopathic pharmaceutical units, and acceptance and use of homoeopathy in India.
>> Page 25

Affordable Healthcare For All
By Mr. S.B. Dangayach
The current healthcare model dominated by modern medicine has to be overhauled with integration of Homoeopathy and other Traditional systems of medicine.The author here mentions steps that can help us in moving in the right direction to serve consumers.
>> Page 30

Company Profiles
(in alphabetical order)
Innovation is the key of success - Allen Group of Companies >> Page 37

Health for All through Homoeopathy - Bangalore Bioplasgens >> Page 41

Serving the Cause of Homoeopathy - Bangalore Homoeo Pharmacy >> Page 42

A Company par Excellence - Bakson’s Homoeopathy >> Page 43

Rely on B.Jain for Genuine Medicines of Unimpaired Strength - B.Jain Group of Companies >> Page 48

Bhandari Homoeopathic Laboratories >> Page 51

Curative Medicine at Economic Price - Curative Power Lab Private >> Page 52

Producing Homoeopathic Medicine is Tougher than other Pharmaceuticals - Dr. Willmar Schwabe >> Page 68

German Legacy, Indian origin - Medicines with a spiritual healing touch - Fr. Muller Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Division >> Page 70

Genuine, Scientifically Accurate Medicines in the Service of Mankind - Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory Limited >> Page 73

Providing humanity with solace through effective & high quality products - Hapro Homeo-Chem Private Limited >> Page 75

60 Years of Quality Homoeopathy - National Homoeo Laboratory >> Page 77

New Face of Homeo-Herbal Therapy - Nuest Homeometics P. Ltd. >> Page 78

Technology Driven Homoeopathic Manufacturing - R S Bhargava Pharmacy >> Page 79

A Legacy of Homoeopathy - Ramakrishna Homoeo Pharmaceuticals [P] Ltd & Ramakrishna Homoeo Stores [P] Ltd >> Page 82

Attaining an Even Greater Perfection - St. George’s Homoeopathy Clinic & Pharmacy >> Page 86

Excellence at No Extra Cost - SBL >> Page 90

Sintex International Limited >> Page 95

First Homoeopathic Factory under Private Sector in Kerala - Similia Homoeo Laboratory >> Page 96

The Wheezal Group >> Page 97



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