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Homoeopathy For All - November 2013 issue


First Aid is the Best Aid – A General & Homoeopathic Approach
Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan, Dr. S. R. Ameerkhan Babu
Emergencies are the conditions which people are most afraid of and the least prepared for. Being prepared with a little knowledge of homeopathic remedies can prevent a worse problem from developing in an emergency and even cure the problem.
>> Page 17

Homoeopathic pharmaceutical industry – Need for Long Term Strategies to Sustain Growth and Development in a Changing World
Dr. P. N. Varma, Dr. R. Valavan
This article is a presentation on the present state of homoeopathic pharmaceutical industry and the need for long term strategies to sustain growth and development in a changing world.
>> Page 25

Good Manufacturing Practices -FAQ’S
Dr. Prakash Joshi
Good Manufacturing Practices are the backbone of quality manufacturing. In this article, Dr. Prakash Joshi, a renowned expert on GMP in the entire pharmaceuticals industry, Allopathic or Ayush sector explains the concept of GMP in a very interesting Questions & Answer format.
>> Page 29

Homoeopathy Industry: Let us Look Ahead
Dr. N Srinivas Roy
>> Page 31

Company Profile
(In alphabetical order)

Allen Group of Companies >> Page 37

Belief, Obey, Endure - Allen’ India Limited >> Page 39

The Deccan Queen - Bangalore Bioplasgens >> Page 40

A Company par Excellence - Bakson’s Homoeopathy >> Page 41

Technology Driven Homoeopathic Manufacturing - Bhargava Phytolab Pvt. Ltd. >> Page 46

Quality Calls for Dedication and Hard Discipline - Bahola Labs >> Page 49

Bhandari Homoeopathic Laboratories >> Page 51

Service to Homoeopathy is our Chosen Path - Bangalore Homoeo Pharmacy >> Page 52

We are a Customer Friendly Company - B. Jain Group of Companies >> Page 69

Curative Medicine at Economic Price - Curative Power Lab Private Limited >> Page 72

Dr. Willmar Schwabe >> Page 73

German Legacy, Indian origin- Medicines with a spiritual healing touch - Fr. Muller Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Division >> Page 79

Promoting Homoeopathy Amongst the Masses - Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory Limited >> Page 82

Prescribe Quality in Homoeopathy-Prescribe National - National Homoeo Laboratory >> Page 84

High Quality Manufacturing - Parul Homoeo Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. >> Page 85

...Quality Makes all the Difference - Ramakrishna Homeo Stores [P] Ltd. >> Page 88

Excellence at No Extra Cost - SBL >> Page 90

Sintex Working Towards Healthier India >> Page 95

Similia Homoeo Laboratory, Kerala >> Page 96

The Wheezal Group - Empowering Homoeopathy >> Page 97



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