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Homoeopathy For All - March 2014 issue


How to get Instant Relief from Cough

Compiled by: Editorial department Homoeopathy for All
Most of us know how disrupting, irritating and painful a cough can be. Especially if it prevents you sleeping at night or if your job involves a lot of speaking and the cough prevents you from doing it. While the reason for the onset of the cough and the process of a cough can be sometimes quite difficult to find but there are a number of things we can do at home to get rid of cough. Here are a few home remedies that can help relieve cough and soothe your throat.
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Homoeopathy for the Elderly
Cough in the Elderly

Dr Papri Debbarma, Dr S Chaudhary , Dr D Basu
In this paper first there is a brief description on some useful homoeopathic medicines which are available for the management of cough specially when dealing with the problem of cough in the elderly followed by discussion on other aspects of cough which should get proper attention of the physician.
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Managing Cough with Causation, Sensation, Occurrences, Modality and Types

Dr. R. Valavan
Looking into the cough whether productive or dry helps narrow down the underlying condition. Further the causation, sensation, occurrences, modality and types helps homoeopaths to choose the right remedy. This article gives an overview on remedies based on these.
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Dr. Mudita Arora, Dr. Jyoti Adhikari
Even with a clear diagnosis, cough can be difficult to control and, for the patient, can be associated with impaired quality of life.
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Cough - Its type and what they mean, Homoeopathy for Different Nature of Coughs

Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan, Dr. S.R. Ameerkhan Babu
Homoeopathy is a safe and effective system of medicine which uses natural herbal and mineral products to treat disease. Homoeopathic Remedies are holistic, which means homoeopathy relies on making a diagnosis from analysis of all of a patient’s complaints before prescribing any treatment. Homoeopathic medicines are often effective in treating the acute symptoms of coughs, though professional constitutional care is usually necessary to achieve a deeper level of cure of chronic respiratory problems.
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Homoeopathic Medicines
Bramhastra of Homoeopathy: Carcinosin

Dr. Amiya Goswami
Carcinosin- The most powerful weapon for a homoeopath, a remedy & made from the products of cancer. Read on to know when is it indicated with the help of well illustrated case studies
>> Page 62

Biocombination Number - 16 for Nervous Exhaustion
Dr. Rajendra Kumar
Biocombination number 16 is the perfect remedy for symptoms of nervous exhaustion, one of the common complaints of many people in today’s fast paced lifestyle.
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Wheezal’s Special Omega-3 Fatty Acid Rich Diet
Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. We need them for our bodies to work normally. Because essential fatty acids (ALA, DHA, EPA) are not made in the body or are inefficiently converted from ALA to EPA and DHA, we need to get them from our diet. Wheezal’s special diet enlists the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and how to include them in your diet.
>> Page 55

BBP’s Soundarya Beauty Tips
Menopause is a time of transition in a woman’s life where many physiological changes take place in a woman’s body. Skin also undergoes number of changes during this time. BBP’s beauty tips gives an insight into these changes and how to overcome these changes.
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Pondering Views - Dr. P.N. Varma >> Page 68



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