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Homoeopathy For All - April 2014 issue


Keep looking beautiful at all ages

Dr. Nidhi Luthra
People spend amazing amounts of money on skin care and treatments. For certain skin issues these treatments might be necessary but if we take care of our skin on a regular basis at all ages, our skin would be in perfect health always.
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Homoeopathy for Vitiligo
Multi-Dimensional Approach in the Management of Vitiligo

Dr. R. Valavan
Many diseases with genetic origin have been managed successfully by homoeopaths. Vitiligo is one among them. Without any adverse effects as reported in other systems, it has been successfully managed by homoeopaths. There are drugs in repertories, as well as many drugs in materia medica cover this condition. This article is a compilation from the literature with the author’s clinical experience.
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Summer Skin Care
Fear About Summer and Protection of Skin? Relax with Homoeopathic Summer Skin Care

Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan, Dr. S.R. Ameerkhan Babu
The hottest season of the year requires careful thought for your skin even as you enjoy the heat and freedom of summer. With the enhanced flow of skin’s oily discharge, epidermal layer may be prone to dullness, loss of luster and blemishes. Secondly, owing to the increased susceptibility to the damaging UV rays of sun, there is a consequential increase in the formation of patches and wrinkles. In order to overcome the seasonal blemishes and loss of collagen, it is important to comply with certain skin care regimen.
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Homoeopathy for Rosacea

Dr. Mudita Arora, Dr. Jyoti Adhikari
Rosacea and Acne are different but co-exist together. Therefore, sometimes it is called as Acne Rosacea or Adult Acne.
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Alcohol Drinking and its Ill effects De-Addiction by Homoeopathy

Dr.(Mrs) B.S. Suvarna
Alcoholism is a serious medical disease with signs and symptoms that vary depending on the amount and frequency of consumption. Progressing alcoholism will significantly disrupt the lives of users and their families. Read how homoeopathy can help in de-addiction.
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Homoeopathy for Cholesterol Control
Hyperlipidemia "The Modern Epidemic"

Dr Sheena Salin
Raised or abnormal levels of lipids & lipoproteins in the blood has become a common clinical problem of the century which has turned out to be a challenge to the physician. In today’s world most deaths are attributable to non communicable diseases & over, half of these are a result of cardiovascular diseases. Heart disease & stroke are first & second cause of death in developed countries. WHO has drawn attention to the fact that coronary heart disease is our “modern epidemic”.
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Biocombination Number - 17 for Hemorrhoids
Dr. Rajendra Kumar
The term hemorrhoids refers to a condition in which the veins around the anus or lower rectum are swollen and inflamed. There are simple steps and remedies you can use to ease this recurring problem. Biochemic medicines are very effective in treating piles. A special combination has been specially formulated for treating hemorrhoids, that is biocombination number 17.
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Wheezal’s Special Diet for Beautiful Skin
Everyone has a favourite face cream or treatment, but beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. Older cells are constantly shed and replaced by younger ones and a steady supply of micronutrients is essential to support this rapid growth. Eat the correct balance of foods and you’ll feed your skin the vital nutrients it needs to help it stay soft, supple and blemish-free. Wheezal Group of Industries has sponsored this monthly column on healthy diets, an effort towards creating awarenss and promotion of health.
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BBP’s Soundarya Beauty Tips
Going from March to June, the summer season is the hottest time in most of the parts of India. The most hectic season of this tropical country, summer scorches almost all the parts of India with sweltering heat. Hot winds and scorching sun are the two most inseparable constituents of Indian summer. In summer season your skin needs more care as it looks dull, blemished & oily due to free flow of skin’s natural oil. In summer sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrates in deepest layer of skin & damage the spongy protein & develop wrinkles. Some precautions, home & natural remedies to maintain your skin soft & glowing, are given in this article.
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Pondering Views - Dr. P.N. Varma >> Page 68



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