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Homoeopathy For All - July 2014 issue


Tips to Help You Control Your High Blood Pressure

Editorial Department Homoeopathy for All
If you've been diagnosed with high blood pressure you might be worried about taking medication to bring your numbers down.Lifestyle plays an important role in treating your high blood pressure. If you successfully control your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle, you may avoid, delay or reduce the need for medication.
>> Page 17

High Cholesterol and Hypertension
Hypercholesterolaemia, Hypertension and Homoeopathy

Dr. R. Valavan
It is a known fact that high cholesterol level and high blood pressure go hand in hand. High cholesterol levels increases the chance to have high blood pressure. Both the conditions need medical intervention. Certain lifestyle modifications along with homoeopathic medications help to manage and maintain the health. Many homoeopathic drugs used to treat high cholesterol also help to reduce high blood pressure. For example, Aurum muriaticum natronatum 3x reduces both cholesterol as well as blood pressure. This article discusses mainly on the high cholesterol, its effect on blood pressure and the drugs used in such cases.
>> Page 24

Sleep Well with Homoeopathy

Dr. Sushma Pal
Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder in which there is an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired. The article gives the homoeopathic cure for insomnia.
>> Page 30

Hypertension in Pregnancy

Dr. Mudita Arora, Dr. Jyoti Adhikari
Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy are among the leading causes of maternal mortality, along with thromboembolism, hemorrhage and nonobstetric injuries
>> Page 40

Homoeopathy for Hypertension
Be early to identify your High Blood Pressure – A Silent Killer, Homoeopathy for Hypertension

Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan, Dr. S. R. Ameerkhan Babu
High blood pressure seems to be more common in modern times. Intensive struggle for existence associated with continual anxiety, greed, ambition, artificial methods of living, want of faith in religion, intemperance, irregular hours, adulterated and unwholesome food and many vices peculiar to modern civilization do play an important part in its causation. With the advancement of medical sciences and the invention of sphygmomanometer, the detection of hypertension become very easy and patient myself inclined to check there blood pressure in frequent intervals and more cases are brought to the notice of the physicians.
>> Page 56

Homoeopathic Concepts
Some Important Mental Rubrics During Fever

Dr Amiya Goswami
There are many rubrics in the homoeopathic repertories which cover the various symptoms associated with fever. Here, the author enlists the various mental rubrics associated with fever.
>> Page 61

wheezal’s Diet for High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure can be controlled through dietary charges. Here’s what foods one should eat to manage hypertension
>> Page 53

Biochemic System - Dr. Ritu Kinra >> Page 48
Pondering Views - Dr. P.N. Varma >> Page 68



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