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Homoeopathy For All - May 2019 issue


Stress Buster          18

Release the Stress and Lead a Healthy Life

-Dr. Nidhi Luthra

Treating the symptoms and disorders caused by the never ending stress in everyone’s life can be difficult. Homeopathy has much to offer. So switch over from the harmful anti-anxiety pills, antidepressants and sleeping pills to the effective and harmless homoeopathy. Though sometimes it is a tedious process to choose the correct medicines but when it is selected, it never fails.


Focus                        25

Migraine Headache and Homoeopathic Treatment

-Dr. R. Valavan, Dr. Nitesh Sharma

Migraine cases are effectively managed by homoeopathic physicians. Successful approach to cure migraine is purely based on individualisation.


Heat Stroke              30

The Sun is Shining:  Beware of the Heat

Homeopathy can be very helpful in cases of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  We need to be able to understand the symptoms of heat stroke and make sure our patients have access to emergency medical care.  That being said, Homeopathy can still be of use as a complement to emergency medicine


Focus                        49


-Complied by Bakson’s Deptt. of Clinical Research and Product Development

Dr. Mudita Arora, Pooja Maurya

Migraines and tension-type headaches are the most common of the primary headache disorders.


Case Study              55

Constitutional Approach to Computer Vision Syndrome -  A Case Report

-Dr. Namrata Vaishampayan

This article illustrates a case study of a patient suffering from computer vision syndrome treated with homoeopathy.


Bach Remedies      57

Bach Flower of the Month: Star of Bethlehem - The Remedy of Comfort

-Dr Anjali.M.R


Materia Medica       62

Argentum Nitricum 

-Dr. P. T. Ponmani Valavan

Argentum nitricum is a remedy when emotional and gastrointestinal symptoms dominate.


Focus                        64

Migraine - Way to Treat Recurrent Distressing Headache

-Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan, Dr. S. R. Ameerkhan Babu

Homoeopathic philosophy does not favour the use of temporary painkillers or short cuts for the treatment of migraine or for that matter any disease. Homoeopathy tries to go deep down into the cause of the problem and completely eradicate the tendency of a patient to have these migraine headaches now and then.


Hair Care                  69

“A Homoeopathic Therapeutical Approach on Hair Care”

Neelima Singh, Priyanka Naraniya, Juhee Jain

Today there are many cosmetic, medical, and surgical options for people who really want to do something about hair problems.  This article helps to evaluate importance of homoeopathic therapeutics in hair loss as well as different hair problems.



Medisynth’s Know Your Herb                                                        44

Biochemic System                                                                       46


Allens tips for Physicians                                                               58


WHEEZAL’S Special Diet for relief from headaches     60


BBP’s Soundarya Beauty Tips                                                      74


Pondering views                                                                              76





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