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Topic is no bar as long as it is natural-health related. We have the following three broad criteria for article contributions:

Originality: Originality could come in several forms - new ideas, new forms of expression, new perspectives and, of course, individual thoughts and feelings.

Focus and Flow: The readers will appreciate it if you focus on one or a few points and express yourself concisely. Another virtue is 'flow' or continuity of thought. Abrupt shifts in narration annoy.

Care: It is crucially important for an author to edit his or her article to make it concise and to remove errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Please, do review your articles well before you send us your contribution.

Length of article: Anywhere between 800 and 3000 words

Title of Article: Do not exceed 35 characters

Photographs: Accompanying photographs accepted, suggest captions

Send photos as separate attachments (in jpeg or gif format) with the email; please do not embed in the text document. Preferred format for receipt of article is MSWord - text format is also acceptable.

If you wish to send in more than one article at a time, please do so via separate emails. This makes sorting easier for us.

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